Stephan Lorenzo (@just_hookit)


Some people in this world are naturally connected to nature. They understand mother earth and its beauty on a deeper level than the average folk. Most of the people are involved in earth-oriented activities such as gardening, fishing, and conserving. This is because they truly understand the essence of being one with nature.

Stephan Lorenzo is one of those people. Ever since his youth, he has always loved the hobby of fishing. Stephan found the outdoor activity to be calming and soothing. He continued to practice this hobby well into his adolescence and has hence become very proficient at it.

Stephan Lorenzo, along with his loved ones, wanted to create a creative outlet on which he could record and keep track of his fishing activities. Hence, Stephan Lorenzo and his loved ones created the YouTube channel, titled ‘Just Hook It’. The channel is used by the young men to record their impressive catches, tips, and tricks to excel in fishing.

Although the channel is created with regard to fishing, the channel deals with a lot of aspects of the activity. The channel has a lot of interesting and captivating videos for fishing lovers to watch. Just Hook It has videos that guide and show how to fish with tools such as a dock light. They have also collaborated with professional fishermen such as Mr. George. On the video Just Hook It shared, Mr. George managed to catch a Monster Tarpon for the first time, which is very impressive. Just Hook It has managed to captivate their audience through the posting of interesting and informative content

The channel has also posted videos in which they shed light on impressive and mysterious finds. They have caught mysterious and strange looking creatures and shared their finds on their YouTube channel. One of their videos is titled something along the lines of “Mysterious Snake Fish”. This video showcases the men’s great and mystifying fish they found.


Apart from documenting baffling fish they found, they also post videos of them catching sharks. In one of the videos, the young men catch sharks off Miami Beach. The video is titled “Catching Sharks off of the Miami Beach!” Their channel also features the struggles of fishing for when there are bad weather and high tides. One of their videos capture this exact phenomenon, the video is titled “Offshore Miami Beach for Bonito in BAD weather”. The YouTube channel, Just Hook It, realizes that there can be problems when it comes to fishing, so they document their experiences when they are facing hardships so their viewers can learn from this experience when they are also facing hard times. The activity for fishing is in very close proximity to nature, this means that a lot of factors involved are independent and cannot be controlled. With this in mind, it is very important for fishermen to know what to do in hard situations. ‘Just Hook It’ aims to document their challenges so others can learn.

‘Just Hook It’‘s adventures and updates can be seen on their Instagram. They usually post photos of large and unusual finds of the sea. Their posts are quite popular among the fishing community. Their posts are full of positive and appreciative comments from their followers. Their account on Instagram has reached over 18,000 followers. This is no surprise as their posts consist of great content and are well-liked by their followers.

It is not just their Instagram account which is capturing the attention of people who are interested in fishing. “Just Hook It” YouTube channel has accumulated 12,000 views in aggregate on their videos. This can be credited to their talent, expertise, and skill of fishing. The goal of their YouTube channel is to show everyone their love and care for fishing and the environment. Their desire is to demonstrate to show people how to catch fish in Biscayne Bay.

Just Hook It shares their adventures and catches on social media. They can be followed on Instagram at @just_hookit and their YouTube channel at ‘Just Hook It Fishing’.

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