Sober Guru (@the_sober_guru)


Timothy Fasarakis runs the Instagram page @the_sober_guru and the website  He has been in recovery from substance abuse and addiction himself, and the_sober_guru is his way of giving back to society and extending help to other addicts. He aims to reach as many people as possible and help them improve their health and well-being.

Timothy’s journey started at a very young age. He had been an addict since a young age and had been dealing with substance abuse. He had overdosed twice and the second time while he was recovering in the hospital, he woke up to see his mother worried and in pain in the hospital. This overdose helped him realize that he had hit rock bottom and he must try to battle his addiction and save his life. His motivation to recover came from the realization that he wanted to recover not only to live his life but also for his mother’s sake and he wanted to stop causing her pain because of his actions.

The Instagram page and website Timothy runs by the name of the_sober_guru offers various services to addicts to help them recover. He has already amassed 1600 followers on Instagram and the number is likely to keep growing as the nature of his posts is very motivational and useful. At the very forefront of the page, the Instagram bio contains the contact numbers of an addiction and suicide helpline. It is important to offer these resources to addicts as addicts often feel alone and are unable to reach out for help. These helplines can be a great option as they give addicts an option to talk about their problems and receive reassurance that may motivate them to battle their addiction.

The profile itself is full of motivational quotes and personal stories of addicts who have recovered and are now leading normal happy lives. Timothy has started an initiative called “blog submission” which essentially encourages recovered addicts to submit their stories of recovery so they can be shared and inspire those who are still struggling. These posts are accompanied by before and after pictures of these people, showing how they were struggling during their phase of addiction and how they are thriving as they have recovered. There are also plenty of motivational quotes on the profile that stress the importance of mental health and how opening up can help a person recover as they will no longer have to depend on alcohol to function and feel good. These posts are a source of inspiration and hope for those looking for help.


There is also a Sober Guru website that offers an extensive variety of services. The services range from detox programs to residential treatment and sober and wellness training etc. These services are carefully designed to be helpful for all recovering alcoholics no matter what stage of their journey they are at. The website also offers great detail regarding the effectiveness and use of these services so that a person can understand what caters to their needs the best. There is also a blog section within the website that contains important blogs related to addiction and domestic abuse, the crux of these blogs is that one should not let addiction ruin their lives and should seek help. Perhaps the most practical option offered by the Sober Guru is their free 24/7 helpline ((866) 316-4557) which gives a tangible and dependable option to those who need help and reassurance urgently.

Almost one in eight American adults deal with alcohol abuse and can be classified as alcoholics. These statistics show that addiction is a very real problem that needs to be dealt with. Having faced this difficult journey himself, Timothy understands how “Everyone deserves a chance at a better life” and this is the ethos behind his work. He understands that everyone is fighting their own demons and trying to overcome difficulties. His aim is to remind people that they are not alone in their struggle and their efforts will not be futile as their personal battles can be won. Timothy is doing important work that is much needed by society and is doing it with great sensitivity and grace and so the online presence and effectiveness of The Sober Guru are likely to keep growing.

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