Siddharth Verma (@sidcoz)


There are two types of people in this world, dreamers and doers. While dreamers waste away their lives, waiting for the perfect moment, doers put their energy and efforts to make the perfect moment. They appreciate and recognize the need and requirement to work hard to achieve their dreams. Doers get to success without the support of anyone else.

Siddhart Verma is a doer. He has perfected his work ethic and skills to stand where he is today. Siddhart is also known as Sid and is from India. He has been working for businesses since the tender age of 16. It is not as if he was forced to do so, Sid enjoys working hard. He understands and realizes that the only way to climb the ladder to success is by working hard.

Having started working at such a young age, Sid came to learn a lot with experiences. Due to his tenure and experience, a lot of people are inspired by him and wish to follow his steps. Young people consider Sid to be a role model.

Other than managing successful businesses, he is also very athletic. Sid enjoys swimming. He was recognized for his swimming at a national level. Apart from excelling in swimming, Sid is also a very skilled polo player. To unwind from playing sports and running businesses, Sid likes to familiarize himself with various cultures by reading books and novels and watching movies. These activities not only have a calming effect on Sid but also provide him with a way of learning.

Sid is blessed to have a lot of supportive people in his life. He has a beautiful woman by his side who has offered him relentless support throughout their time together. Other than the love of his life, his family is also very supportive of Sid and his dreams. His father’s name is Mr. Ashok Verma. Mr. Ashok Verma has played not only the role of a father but also the role of a teacher, a guide, a mentor, and a role model. Sid is very grateful to have a selfless and wise man such as Mr. Ashok Verma in his life. Sid considers his father to be the person who taught him to stand on his two feet and be capable and competent.

Sid looks up at a lot of quotes to keep his life on track and to have inspiration flowing through his veins. He believes in quotes such as “I am eager to learn”, “I am determined”, and “I never give up until I get something right”. These quotes motivated Sid to keep on learning and working hard until he sees the desired results. Other than this, he also looks up to other positive and inspiring quotes such as “I like to keep a positive attitude” and “Hard work doesn’t bother me” and “I like facing challenges.” These quotes push Sid to look at the silver lining for hard work and appreciate the good side of putting all the efforts in.

Sid recognizes that as he possesses the knowledge and has hence the responsibility to spread it to others. He teaches his line of work to a lot of people who are interested in learning and want to follow Sid’s footsteps. These people turn out to be excellent in their respective fields due to guidance from Sid.

Young people who are looking to be inspired should follow Sid on his social media platforms. He is an active user on Facebook and Instagram. His Instagram handle is @sidcoz.

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