Logan Ferrell (@logannferrell)


Laughter is the best medicine. This has been reiterated throughout our lives so much, it seems meaningless now. Similarly, we were told that an apple a day keeps the doctor away- harsh truth but most doctors can certify that apples are not a cure-all, and won’t keep you away for long. The previous one, however, rings true for most. As you grow old, you get more cynical and disbelieving of the world you’re existing in.

The difference between being 19 and being 29 is that at 19 you think that tomorrow will be a better day- at 29 you know that life will have its downs and there’s no way in knowing whether tomorrow will be any better or not. However, while this reality check isn’t wrong, it’s incomplete. Cynicism builds in as we grow older, and so does pessimism. We forget to smile or laugh and our frown lines deepen. As we grow older, the opportunity to feel free enough to laugh comes rarely, which is why it’s important to celebrate those who go out of their way to ensure that there’s a smile on everyone’s face at all times! This humanitarian effort is not something that a lot of people think of doing, however, Logan Ferrel isn’t just anyone and he’s out here doing his best to make this world a happier place for everyone!

These are all realizations that take us years to understand. Most of us spend our youth being self-obsessed and focusing only on ourselves; Logan, however, is different. At only 15, Logan’s empathetic enough to have reached this realization at such a young age! He’s aware of the issue and wants to use whatever resources and talents he has to make sure that he spread as much positivity and light as possible. He’s like a little candle shining in the dark for everyone- a little spark of happiness in our otherwise dull lives.

It’s hard to have complete faith in yourself and to venture into something as daunting as social media vlogging and YouTube videos and it was no different for Logan. Teenage years are the most difficult ones in life- everything’s unclear, insecurities are always at the peak, and it’s hard to imagine what your life’s purpose can be. Logan faced the same issues before he started this, and like all successful people, he was able to overcome his self-doubt through his support system! He’s closest to his mom, his aunt, and his three best friends, all of whom helped him kick start his online presence! His aunt and two friends, in particular, pushed him and convinced him to use his bright personality to help others, and that’s exactly what he’s out here doing!

Logan has been smiling since the day he was born. He’s been spreading smiles and laughter since his early days in kindergarten. He had a supportive family and support system who has believed in him since he was young, and they have always reiterated one thing to him- ‘you can do anything that you want, you can be anyone you want.’ This support is expected from parents and friends, yet isn’t always given. Logan was lucky to be surrounded by people who believed in him so much and who urged him to embrace himself and have enabled him to become a self-proclaimed comedian! he spends most of his time with the people he loves, and he’s happiest when he’s with them! (as depicted by the picture above)

Logan has taken Clearwater Florida by the storm. His personality has made people of all ages and races love him and be grateful for his positivity that he shares with everyone. It’s not only people who love him, but even his two pet dogs adore him as well! He loves spending time at the beach as it recharges him and gives him time to reflect on his thoughts. His selfless acts and his positive outlook have endeared him to most of his fanbase who only grow by the day! He’s very responsive to the people who talk to him on his Instagram @logannferrell and on his youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Wbvgi4LCiLf0n1mCLNU1Q. He’s only fifteen, but the way he’s helping others, there’s no doubt in mind that he will soon be loved and appreciated by people all over the world!

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