Kashawn Small (@kashnow_)


There are not a lot of people who can do a lot of different things and still be good at it. especially in creative fields, a lot of professionals are talented at one or two aspects of the creative side. However, there are exceptional creatives who just seem to be good at everything!

Kashawn Small is one such creative. Kashawn is a 19-year-old boy from a family of all girls – twelve sisters! He can not only rap and sing but can also draw. In his early schooling days, he was also actively engaged in football and the playing classical instruments including the violin. In middle-school, he started out with basketball but did not play much due to school politics and favouritism at the hands of the basketball coach.

For any young boy growing up in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn in New York there are many opportunities and options for one to do ranging from the good to the bad. For Kashawn, it was also the same but he never succumbed to it. Since a young age, Kashawn has been very street smart who knew how to navigate the area and the city while also witnessing a lot of things that a child should not have gone through. In his nineteen years of existence, he has witnessed a lot of tough scenarios including a lot of his close friends turning away from him, family members entering and leaving the family, and people close to him dying.

One of the incidents that really left Kashawn shaken was when a really close friend to him, Ameer, died suddenly. Ameer was one of Kashawn’s very few friends who had stuck by him through thick and thin and had supported and motivated him for all three years of their friendship, Ameer’s death served as a constant reminder for Kashawn to stay determined and motivated with his work. Kashawn always had a good support system in place to cope with it where his friends would keep him company and cheer him on.

Through witnessing that, Kashawn also developed his own ways of coping beyond his friends. He would keep himself busy by journaling and writing to himself in his personal notes. It was through these notes that he also started lyric writing. Kashawn made his first song. Worth It, from these lyrics and upon releasing it on SoundCloud, he garnered over 150 thousand plays. That is unexpected of someone so young and new in the game. A lot of people in Kashawn’s life heard the song and how well it did and urged him to start taking making music more seriously to which he complied.

Being a person who is independent and works on his own, Kashawn decided early on that he would be making his music alone too, and would not want to be working with a lot of people. His dad loaned him a small loan through which Kashawn started making his music professionally and has gained so much more popularity since his first song on SoundCloud.

Kashawn recalls one of the most unreal moments from his life relating to his career where he was in a mall just outside his city. He was just doing his own thing when a group of his supporters from SoundCloud recognized him and started singing one of his songs, Eliminate Ft. Sheff G, right in the middle of the mall! That must have been surreal to witness for someone from very humble beginnings.

Just having had started from one song on SoundCloud, Kashawn now has his music up on all main music streaming platforms where he rapidly gains streams. One can find his music on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. Kashawn also keeps all of his supports updated through his Instagtam account @kashnow_ where he frequently posts updates about his music and what he is up to. His account also shows that whatever content he creates has a lot of thought and multiple stories put behind it and he makes sure his supporters know of this.

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