Jason Raphael Stavrianidis (@jasonthegemologist)


Jason Raphael Stavrianidis, more famously known as JasonTheGemologist, is a fifth-generation jeweler at his family business, Venus Jewelers. If one had to describe his life in three words, it would be “jewelry, watches and gym” as these are the things he is passionate about. He is an Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P.), Certified Sales Associate (C.S.A.) from the American Gem Society (A.G.S.), and also an Accredited Diamond Grader (A.G.D.) from the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.). Currently studying Finance, his qualifications alone prove how passionate he is about his work and how much he loves it. Based in New Jersey and started by his late grandfather in 1979, the business has found tremendous success in its forty years of operation. Wanting to continue the legacy of his grandfather, he joined the shop crew around 4 years ago. Being a millennial, he has immensely helped his family business prosper into a well-known and trusted jewelry shop with the help of marketing techniques which would bring the attention of his generation to the valuable gems at Venus Jewelers.

Jason is not just any usual jeweler one would come across but has a deep understanding and vast knowledge about various kinds of gems, diamonds, and even watches. Their main business might be viewed as dealing in only jewelry by some, but they also deal with a variety of watches, such as the luxurious and high-quality brand Rolex. Alongside gems, Jason also has a great interest in watches as is evident from his Instagram account where he posts pictures of his favourite watches. With more than 17 thousand followers, his Instagram account perfectly shows why Venus Jewelers is a customer’s go-to option when purchasing such an expensive item. Filled with pictures of dazzling jewelry and watches, it is a testament to the amount of sincerity he puts into his work because when someone is genuinely interested in what they do, they are a lot sincerer with their work. He is always ready to answer the queries of his clients and has even uploaded some informative videos about gems and their qualities to spark the interest in gems. The account is a great visual depiction of his personality as along with jewelry, one can also see his workout posts which not only shows his healthy lifestyle but also that going to the gym is something which he enjoys. Another interest he has is of sports cars as he often drives them when a client brings one.

Jason wants people to truly recognize the importance of gems in their lives, not just as an adornment but as part of their personality. He believes that the jewelry worn by one is a part of their life story and being so personal, it can express one’s individuality. With a perspective this unique, the customers can rest assured that Jason does not consider this just a business, but rather something very close to his heart, home, and family. This is why he tries his best to help his customers as much he can by being involved in most of the aspects of the business. These range from designing jewelry, polishing, quality control, jewelry bench work, to networking and digital marketing. He also uses designing software like CAD to create accurate 3D visuals of jewelry designs that help the imagined delicate designs become a reality.

While Jason had not been too interested in the business during his childhood, it was the realization that it was so much more than just a shop that made him decide that he wanted to be a part of it too. The realization came at their Annual Holiday Party when he was 17 years old, where he was assigned the duty of welcoming the guests, which included a lot of customers. This made him understand that they were not seen as just clients but as an extended family of the family business. Seeing them happy to connect with the family behind Venus Jewelers, made Jason extremely proud of the legacy built by the four generations before him. His late grandfather had worked hard after coming to the US from Greece and established Venus Jewelers, and his father and aunt had played their part in helping it grow. He wanted to continue this legacy and further expand their family business, and the success it has gained now proves that he has been successful in doing so. People have great trust in their products and services and choose their shop to buy jewelry for important occasions such as engagements. Jason continues to organize events such as “Annual Cocktail Party”, “Digging for Diamonds”, and “Finder’s Keeper’s”, which keep the traditional aspect of the shop alive. To check out the intricate and elegant jewelry they offer, one can visit Jason’s Instagram account @jasonthegemologist or their shop’s account @venusjewelers or visit Jason’s Facebook page @jasonthegemologist.

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