Eithan McDonald (@deadmansink)


Theodore Roosevelt Jr, the youngest president of the United States and an American statesman, environmentalist, and writer, once said: “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” In this article, we will take a deeper dive into the life of Eithan McDonald, who has managed to turn the above-mentioned quote as a guiding principle for getting success in today’s world.


Eithan McDonald is a Field Service Representative at Thompson Pipe Group, One of the largest pipe manufacturers in North America. But most importantly, he is the Chief Executive Officer, C.E.O. of Deadmansink, which is a Cigar branding, apparel, and Products Company, based in Moreno Valley, California.

Eithan is the oldest sibling with two younger brothers, so naturally, he incorporates leadership and management skills in his personality. He decided to get settled and say goodbye to his bachelor’s life about 3 years ago when he married the love of his life. Growing up, Eithan had many hobbies like reading comics, watching movies, drawing and creating new characters, etc. He got his creative abilities in heritage from his mother who was an incredibly talented artist and always inspired her sons to channel their inner creativity into their work. He never really got to do that as he was mostly working at different construction sites, utilizing his inborn leadership and management skills. It wasn’t until almost 6 years ago when he decided to merge two of his favorite things, Cigars, and art.

About 6 years ago, Eithan was going through a difficult time. It was during this rough patch that his friend introduced him to the world of Cigars, and like any other human, Eithan was instantly hooked to the rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco. It didn’t take him long to get creative with this newborn hobby and turn it into a full-fledged business. He started combining his admiration towards movies and films with Cigars to create an aesthetically pleasing combo of movie-themed cigars. He made an Instagram account to showcase his creativity with the world and started his company, Deadmansink. He already had a reputation with that name as he used it for many ventures, which were all construction-related, so coming up with the company name did not take him a long time.

Although the name of the company wasn’t that hard of an ordeal, the same cannot be said for the logo making process. Eithan has always been interested in technical things. He even has a reputation for being a “techy” guy, so when it came to making his logo, he took the matters in his own hands and started experimenting with different apps. Eventually, he came up with a Spartan helmet/skull design, gave it to his brother to convert it into a cartoonish version and digitalize. Eithan Cigars incorporates a simplistic yet elegant style and has been successful in making a signature blend. He is always looking for opportunities to expand his brand and explore different things.

The journey towards creating a successful business is filled with many interesting stories, in Eithan journey, he had the opportunity to interact with A-listed celebrities including many different film stars. This has been an incredibly exciting experience, especially since Eithan is a hardcore movie fan. Another exciting thing that he had the opportunity to experience is the interaction with his followers on Instagram and their adoration for his art. He was able to make some really good connections with his followers, and they would always have a special place in his heart.

We learn many things from our experiences in this world, some of the things that Eithan learned along the way are to always listen to your gut, sticking to what you already know, and not making impulsive investments. His insights can be really helpful for a lot of people, as he is truly an inspirational person. You can always follow this entrepreneur on Instagram @deadmansink for more information on him and his company.

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