Christopher Looney (@abstractlooney)


We all have been given time limits for our goals. Our first milestone is finishing school, then we have to enroll in a good college if we want to, undergrad is followed by masters and between all this pressure to study, we have to choose a major and stick to it for the rest of our lives. The decision gives crippling anxiety to most people- so many questions arise from it: will our parents approve? Will it give a steady income? Do I even actually like this career? It’s impossible to consider that you might be able to switch your careers afterward, you’ve already invested so much money and time! However, at the end of the day, everyone has to consider these things- this is their life, they only have one of it, and no matter how much time has been invested in it and if at any point in your life is you figure out a different career that brings you happiness, it’s your duty to yourself to follow your heart and do it! However, as noble as this statement may be, only a few people ever break free from societal pressure and are able to gather the courage to switch what they have spent their life doing, to their newfound passion. One such courageous individual is Christopher Looney who realized what he was passionate about and dropped everything to pursue it.

Christopher found his way to his career with what people might call a stroke of luck. He was on a ship, relaxing on the deck and taking in the sea, on a tour to the Bahamas. In between sunbathing and swimming, he attended a few events on the ship, one, which to his luck, turned out to be an art gallery. Looney was immediately taken by a piece from Peter Max’s collection and fell in love with it. It’s not hard to imagine why- Peter Max’s style is iconic in the art world; a dreamscape of abstract designs and bright, vivid colors paying homage to the trend of pop art. Looney was inspired by his style and use of colors and started his painting journey there.

Looney’s journey wasn’t easy at first- he had found his passion but after finding it, he had to study it and learn it. He spent hours working on his art; painting and sketching for weeks and even well into the nights. He learned more about different art styles and got himself familiar with as many types as humanly possible and slowly started to develop his own. He ruined palettes by mixing different colors until he could find just the right shade and learn how to use it. Finding his dream was the hardest step, but sticking to it required a lot of effort as well.


Looney’s hard work paid off and he developed his own style; slightly similar to Peter Max, his inspiration, but with this own twist! He started putting his artwork on his social media to get some critique and encouragement. This turned out to be a decision that turned his life around! His most memorable experience was his first buyer- an admirer of his work who had come across it on social media and decided to look into it. It was an amazing day for Christopher Looney when he got the call from an art gallery informing him that a high-end collector was interested in his work. And that too only three months after he had started!

It was after he sold his first painting that he fully comprehended that this could finally work out for him financially. He fully embraced it as his career and decided to work on it full-time. It was a life-changing event for Looney and he was only able to reach it because he believed that if he could dream it then he could do it, a message he wanted to spread to everyone in a similar boat. He’s only been doing this for a short time but there’s no doubt that in a short time he’ll be just as famous as Peter Max!

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