Austine Dsouza (@austinedsouza)


Real cooking is more about following your heart than following recipes. Talented chefs live by this quote; they measure the ingredients by their hearts. By cooking hundreds and thousand times, they perfect their recipes and hone their skills.

Austine Dsouza is a young yet talented and qualified chef. Austine Dsouza’s origin is from India but he is currently satisfying people in Toronto, Canada with his delicious recipes. Austin’s main passion is to fulfill people’s sweet tooth by making scrumptious and mouth-watering pastries and bakery items. Currently, He is dedicating his efforts to ‘The Tempered Room’ and making appetizing dishes for everyone. To be specific, Austine is a private chef.

Austine has inherited the skill of cooking from his grandfather. Although due to unfortunate circumstances Austine could never meet him, he grew up hearing praise and appreciation about his grandfather from everyone around him. Listening to this, he developed inquisitiveness about how his grandfather must have cooked for him to be praised so much. Slowly but surely, he became interested in the art of cooking. Coincidentally, his parents were both working people and that left Austine alone at home. He utilized this time to become better at cooking. Rather than just trying out recipes, he started to experiment with food to create delicious and tantalizing dishes. By experimenting and cooking, he found his passion in life and decided that he would dedicate his time and energy to cooking.

With his newfound hobby and love for cooking, Austine went from saying “I eat to live” to “I live to eat”. This meant that he loved cooking and food so much that he considered it a very important part of his life. Austine wanted to hone his cooking skills further, so he started working part-time to make delectable and tasty pastry and bakery items. He loves the satisfaction he derives from serving delicious foods to his customers.


To further develop his skills, he joined Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, MAHE. This school has been ranked No.1 in India since 2007. Here, he met like-minded people with whom he could share his interests with. This further increased his passion and drive for cooking. The teaching faculty also guided Austine and showed him how to improve his cooking even further.


Austine has a multicultural background. He has roots in India but is currently living in Canada. To add to this, he also has lived in Indonesia. Due to this factor, he has experience in cooking various dishes from a lot of cuisines. With the passage of time, Austine has perfected his recipes and is in the process of doing more. In the future, he wants to travel around the world to learn more about the foods and cuisines of other cultures.

Other than looking up to his grandfather for inspiration, He also deems his mother as his role model. Austine’s love for cooking blossomed when he ate his mother’s homemade dishes. Although Austine is young, he is highly qualified. He has completed courses with excellence from prestigious universities such as the University of Bocconi, University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Munich, and John Hopkins University.

Austine is truly inspiring for young people who want to pursue their careers as a chef. Even as a young budding chef, he has shown that he is dedicated to improving himself consistently. He uses Instagram as a platform to get in touch with his followers and fans. He usually posts aesthetic shots of himself and his delicious foods. To see the quality content, he can be followed at @austinedsouza. For a look at his professional view, he can be found on LinkedIn as well. To book a talented chef, you can visit

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