Yomz Natural Spring Water (@yomz_springwater)


Water is a symbol of life and one of our necessities without which survival of any living thing is impossible. We need it from the time we get up in the morning to brush, then to cook food or to wash the clothes. It’s not only important for our domestic but agricultural and industrial purposes too. Despite the fact, that water is in vast abundance, it’s a non-renewable resource that adds up to our responsibilities to save it as much as we can. Humans need clean and safe drinking water for a healthy lifestyle as contaminated water can cause detrimental effects on their health by increasing the vulnerability of the diseases. The tremendous growth in population is also accelerating the consumption of water, due to which it becomes very hard for many people especially those who are underprivileged, to get fresh and safe water for their survival. Nowadays, people are very health conscious and don’t like to take any risks regarding health, due to which the usage of mineral water has become popular and common. Generally, people prefer to buy and consume mineral water bottles for their safety & hygiene than drinking tap water. This article will tell you about a water supplying company based in the UK, known as Yomz Natural Spring Water founded by Rebecca Fasasi. She is a health enthusiast and works passionately. They provide you with fresh water coming right from the highest springs in the magnificent Mendip Hills in Somerset. The water is filtered naturally through land that is officially recognized as organic by the Soil Association. Besides, the area of Mendips has also been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) due to its exceptional attributes. The company does not compromise on the quality of the water and ensure their customers to provide good services to them.

In this modern era, where so many essential things have become artificial and impure, we have somehow lost the essence of “real” or “natural” things. Natural spring water refreshingly tastes different & great and not just this, but it benefits our health in several ways too.


Now, when it comes to packaging, the main concern is the usage of plastic bottles that harm the environment. Usually, after using plastic water bottles, people dispose them of which creates unnecessary tons of waste in the landfills, and during its process of decomposition, harmful chemicals are leaked from them that are awfully hazardous for the environment. It is paramount to take a step to protect our environment by recycling the plastic water bottles, that helps us in energy and resource conservation & reducing waste as well as pollution.

Yomz Natural Spring Water use RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) plastic water bottles that can be fully recycled and are eco-friendly. With this beneficial act, they reduce the amount of plastic water bottles waste that would be dumped into the landfills and have a positive impact on the environment. They play their part in making this environment a better place to live in a healthier way. They offer their service to individuals, retail outlets, and corporate organizations at a reasonable price with delivery at your doorstep. They provide both a screw cap and a sports cap for 500ml water. Springwater is great particularly for those who are more into sports as it can instantly re-energize them. They do free delivery in case of purchasing more than 10 bottles and to those living within the M25 London orbital. There is a company’s official website, where they have mentioned the email address as well as their contact number through which people can place their orders. They have an account on Instagram with a username @yomz_springwater as well with more than 3k followers.

Our health should be our topmost priority and we should not compromise on the safety and quality of our drinking water. Also, water is a valuable resource gifted to us by God and it’s our responsibility to use it efficiently & conserve it so that we and our upcoming generations don’t have to suffer in the future. There’s a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin, “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”

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