Uzair Mehmood (@uzairfilms)


‘Dream and you will become’, ‘dare to dream’, ‘aim for the stars’-all of these are catchphrases that followed us through our elementary and primary school. They say that if you want your children to learn something; a language or skill or anything of relevance, you should start at an early age. There are stories about children only a few months old swimming in the water as if they were fish spawn. Little children appear on television fully versed with the knowledge of every country, continent, and capital- geography unknown to even fully grown adults like us. Then why is it, that something like those phrases that are reiterated throughout childhood gets lost in our translation to adulthood?

Why is it that someone who wrote they want to become an astronaut or Tony Stark or a singer changes their essay as they grow up? Why is it that the words that held so much passion and ambition, lose all the charm they once held, and instead all transform into ‘doctor’ or ‘engineer’ or ‘scientist’ or everything equally respectful but far from their original passion? True, some of these changes can be associated with maturity and increase of knowledge, but for too many, it is the case of adults stomping their ambition and passion. There are too few people who manage to hold onto their dreams, and those who do, like Uzair Mehmood, grow up to be role models for all those who are too scared to dream!

Uzair is the most interesting candidate in this category. That isn’t because of his birth-place or nationality or even his accomplishments- it’s because of the frame of mind he has settled in. Uzair’s perspective of the world, and how he deals with it is the closest one can get to Zen. It wasn’t something he achieved within a day or month of working on, but rather the effort stretches back to months, even years. If looked at it analytically, it’s safe to assume that he’s been on his journey to work on it for his entire life- and the most surprising yet best part is that it’s something he will work on for the rest of his life as well!

Is it difficult to be chained to one goal for the entirety of a person’s life? This is a question one might wonder. But Uzair’s given a perfect answer for that as well! He claims that working and reformatting his life and filtering through all the emotions is draining, yet it’s something that he’s entitled to do. He claims that it is this activity that helps him feel at peace, so he has dedicated his life to it!

Anyone who’s that settled in his own skin is bound to achieve great things- Uzair is no different! He has made his passion for his career. Someone who’s as experienced as he is- in emotions and real experiences- has a lot of stories to tell. Uzair has dived deep into a career where he visualizes all the stories he wants to tell or stories others want to tell! He’s a videographer and into filmography as well- all with over twenty-seven years of experience!

Uzair’s choice of career stems from his desire to show people whatever makes them happy! He hopes to reignite their hopes, dreams, passion, and ambitions through his work! He wants his passion to flow through his work and touch people in the place that reignites their happiness. He has worked on music shoots and weddings all over the UK and the USA. His team specializes in a lot of highly desired fields- cinematography, music production, film production, wedding film crew, as well as event management- all of these are hefty tasks but they, under his tutelage, do them with a lot of determination and bright smiles! He has worked tirelessly over the years to get where he is- and for him, the hard work and time he invested in it makes the win all the more enjoyable!

For Uzair, there are no boundaries. He has spent years exploring his own boundaries and has come to the conclusion that the only limitations he has are those he imposes on himself. Thus, he’s constantly challenging his abilities to face and conquer the dark sides of work. It sounds like an odious task, but there’s no doubt that there’s no one better to push their own boundaries and to aim for the stars. ‘Dream and you will become’, ‘dare to dream,’ was what they said- Uzair heard them and did it.

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