Stefani Dodson (@moongoddi)


Stefani Dodson is a model and actress based in Dallas, Texas. As a model, she specializes in beauty, commercial, and bridal modeling. Alongside her modeling career she is also an influencer, event promoter, and brand ambassador. Her work has been nationally published and she has been featured in online advertisements, advertisements for boutiques, magazines, commercial prints and films, short films, and music videos. Stefani’s husband Stephen Zane Pfeifer is a former Vogue runaway model and they both frequently collaborate on projects together.

Stefani’s journey to becoming a model was not straightforward. She initially had a very strong passion for photography. This passion led her to move to Dallas where she was very successful. She eventually got the chance to work with a top, nationally-known studio in Dallas. However, after a few years, the studio was shut down and Stefani reconsidered her career goals. She then made the decision to become a full-time model. She is currently signed to work with Callidus Agency, which is a successful modeling agency based in Dallas and Austin, Texas. The agency is well known for working closely with its clients and aiding their career growth, which helps them reach new heights in their professional careers.

Modeling has opened many doors for Stefani. She has had many exciting experiences and has had the opportunity to meet people in the modeling industry from all around the world. A specific experience that she really treasures and is proud of is a recent West Coast Tour in the summer where she was accompanied by her partner, Stephen Zane Pfeifer. While modeling has its own charms, it also boosts and helps her get ahead in her other passions. It has boosted her reach as an influencer and has opened new opportunities to her as a brand ambassador and event promoter.

On Instagram, Stefani can be found with her handle which is “moongoddi”. Her Instagram bio also states “MOON GODESS” which shows her enchantment and fascination with the moon. She also describes herself as a “MODEL” and “MUSE” which shows her dedication to her work and indicates to her follower that she will be sharing her modeling work on this account. Stefani has already amassed 30 thousand followers on Instagram and this number is likely to keep on growing.


Her Instagram is full of snippets of her photoshoots that are visually stunning to look and are accompanied by interesting captions and inspiring quotes. Since Stefani is best known as a bridal model, many of her pictures are of bridal shoots. Stefani can be seen in beautiful white dresses and delicate headpieces. She is unique as a bridal model because of her tattoos as they are not conventionally associated with brides. She also has great chemistry with the male models she features with and this helps make her photoshoots look more realistic. Every bridal shoot that she does has its own unique style. Some of them are indoors, while some are outdoors, she can even be found doing posing with a horse in one.

She has also done some photoshoots with unique themes. One of them is based around Cleopatra. She can be seen dressed in a large intricate headdress. The headdress is made of peacock feathers and many blue jewels while her body and back is also tattooed. This photoshoot expresses a unique visualization of Cleopatra’s beauty and Stefani pulls it off very well. She often shares her pictures with inspirational and thought-provoking captions such as “Where do the wild things go?” and “My truths they hide, waiting…patiently, circling my mind”. These captions enhance the beauty of her pictures and make her Instagram more interesting.

The range of Stefani’s work as a model and her publication in various online platforms, magazines, prints, films, and videos shows that her modeling career has been very successful and will continue to grow. Her Instagram offers her followers a unique look into the life of a model and her work. Her stunning pictures are likely to make her following and she reaches as an influencer to grow.

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