Kua Namsaeng (@kuanamsaeng)


As the world becomes more deeply digitized, websites and blogs are playing a surprisingly significant role in education, modern thinking, and culture. People with small businesses in all fields achieve success in their trades with the help of the blogging industry. Although the blogging industry is helpful, it is also exceedingly difficult to build a name in. Individuals who manage to have a significant following and attention from the public are often the ones with exceptional abilities, skills, and talent.

One such person is the famous Kua Namsaeng, a 27-year-old travel and fashion blogger who is also a well-known and famous gourmet chef. A travel blogger is a person who travels around the world and then writes about their travel experiences, to share them with the world. Travel bloggers are vital individuals when it comes to tourism. They help tourists prepare beforehand while traveling to a certain destination and at the same time their feedback can help global tourism industries to design better traveling experiences for tourists. A fashion blogger, on the other hand, looks for and writes about clothing, accessories, beauty tips, and trends in various clothing markets. Their articles can contain useful information on dressing and clothing care along with advice on how to stick to basic standards of clothing and fashion and contemporary trends. Namsaeng is not only a famous blogger but is a renowned businessperson who owns not one but four restaurants in Belgium i.e. Namsaeng Thai Cuisine, Kua Poke, Le Parisien, and LEVEL. He also plans to open a fifth restaurant very soon.

Kua Namsaeng was of course not born successful. It is his arduous work and determination which made him who he is today. Namsaeng had humble beginnings. He is half Thai and half Chinese. He grew up in Switzerland, so he is both a Thai and a Swiss citizen. In his younger years, he did some modeling in Bangkok and then moved to Belgium around 10 years ago to be a sushi chef. He used to love traveling around the world and documenting his experiences. Narrating his story, Namsaeng said that he started to share his traveling experiences in 2013 which to his astonishment gained much public attention. His stories became quite popular which helped him increase his following. Currently, Kua Namsaeng has a whopping 97 thousand followers on his Instagram alone!

Kua Namsaeng credits his success and fame to the social media platforms which helped him gain a following and spread his excellent work. It is through blogging that Namsaeng was able to gain exposure and experience. Through public attention, he gained corporate attention as well because of which, he was able to work with many famous brands along the way. His fame made him experience traveling on a whole new level. Today, Namsaeng represents a famous corporate company, Coca Cola, as an ambassador in Belgium.

Fame also brought Namsaeng to Cannes Festival in 2019 where he shared the red carpet with hundreds of famous stars from all walks of life. The Cannes Festival is an annual film festival which is held annually at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, France. Founded in 1946, the invitation-only festival is one of the five major film festivals. In 1951, FIAPF formally accredited the festival. Today the festival previews new films of all genres from all around the world.

No doubt hard-work, persistence, and passion can help you break all sorts of barriers. If you are a tourist, traveler, a fashion enthusiast, or foody, then Kua Namsaeng is the kind of person you have been looking to follow. You can check out Namsaeng’s Instagram @kuanamsaeng. You can also check out his travel and fashion blog at http://kuaofficial.com/. If you are looking for a cozy place to eat, drink or chat you can visit any of Kua Namsaeng’s café, restaurant, or bar. Link to Namsaeng’s food places is provided on his Instagram page.

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