Gene Albury (@futuregoldmine)


The immensely gifted and brilliant, Gene Albury, is a creative producer and digital manager with immaculate leadership and interpersonal skills. This self-driven creative curator has many years of experience in managing artists, brands, businesses, digital marketing, and graphic designing. He is a highly conscientious associate who knows how to adapt himself according to his environment, can easily work with limited resources to provide the best quality of service or product, and can effectively deal with people with different types of personalities with ease. He is incredibly skilled in aiding others to reach their maximum potentials and always provide them with his constructive insight to help them grow. He is a multi-talented and hard-working individual who focuses on the outcome rather than the process used to produce a product or deliver a service.

Gene is originally from Nassau, the Bahamas but since the past few years, he has been living in Toronto, Canada. On the road to success, he worked with the entertainment boards in the digital content department for ‘ROC nation’, ‘Live nation’, ‘Sony Music’, ‘AEG Presents’, and ‘Career Artist Management’ but this was all before he had moved to Toronto, Canada.

The remarkable Canadian is a result-oriented man with just four years of experience under his belt, yet, has been successfully delivering creative campaigns and securing revenue-generating partnerships for fortune 500 companies, multiple entertainment boards, and creative agencies. When Gene moved to Toronto, Canada, it opened up floodgates of opportunity for him as he started working as the head for the content production department for a boutique agency called ‘Rack and Pinion Creative’, specializing in branding, design, cinematic and photographic storytelling. Later on, he was successful in securing accounts and executed creative marketing rollouts for major companies which include Red Bull Canada, Nike Canada, Mitsubishi Canada, and many more. Gene currently serves as driven business development and content strategist and leads cross-functional teams through multiple industry verticals which tells us that he is a natural leader who influences and helps anybody who shares their workspace with him, a trait you don’t get to see often nowadays.

Throughout his career, Gene has been this remarkably driven individual who is incredible at whatever he does. It’s because of this reason, he also got a chance to work for different celebrities such as Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue which gave him a huge learning curve and along with this, he was the design director and executor for Rihanna’s ‘Rogue Perfume’ campaign back in 2013. He was able to generate a 50% increase in social media following for Lokal Legend’s record label.

Along with being the producer and digital content strategist at Rack & Pinion Creative, he is also the creative director at ‘herb’, an immersive technological platform to ‘simplify cannabis from discovery to purchase’. If you’re thinking that he has had a lot on his plate! this young man is also responsible for managing an indie artist who is into alternative-pop/ rhythm and blues and goes by the name ‘Innr circle’ and (@innrcirclesound) on Instagram.

Gene also refers to himself as an “art throb” and we can see his passion for art on his Instagram account and has got almost twelve thousand followers. On this social media platform, Gene showcases his talent to the rest of the world. Some may also refer to his account as a visual arts gallery.

Gene Albury is a huge inspiration for all the youngsters out there who want to pursue his field of work as he has proven that hard work pays off and his success reflects upon all the sacrifices he has made for his career. He is a hustler who keeps on grinding and his determination shows that he is destined to make it into the big leagues especially since his strong will would not let him settle for anything less. You can follow him on Instagram @futuregoldmine for a closer insight into the life of this wonderful individual.

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