Andrew Raine (@drewraine)


Andrew Raine, also known as Drew Raine, is a Canadian Electronic Music Producer, DJ Artist, and Songwriter. His song “So Into You” featuring Myah Marie is what first earned him international attention for his music. His song received rave reviews from around the world and was a hit on many radio stations including North American Radio. The song was so well received in fact, that Virgin Music named Drew, “next new artist to blow”. Drew wears a cool black raindrop helmet during all his videos and performances; the mask has become his signature look.

Drew was extremely passionate about making music from a young age. Growing up in Scarborough, England; he was a very creative individual, always looking for proper outlets for his creativity. His evenings would consist of going to underground reggae sound clashes and jamming out to dancehall legends like Super Cat. His experiences cemented his love for and his future in music. Drew makes music that makes him feel happy; that helps him channel his emotions meaningfully. He had not truly understood the worth of his music himself, when his song “So Into You” hit the radio and shot to fame. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that people loved his work and he grew remarkably popular on social media.

Drew can be found on Instagram under the handle @drewraine where more than thirty-seven thousand people follow him. He is extremely approachable on social media and regularly updates his followers about all his latest work there. Drew says that he uses the “music drives emotions” methodology to create his music. He creates tracks that are eclectic, vibrant, and melodic. He likes to infuse his Caribbean heritage along with pop vocals to make emotionally provoking music. He makes fun of approachable music that one can dance to but is also meaningful. This is what sets him music apart from the rest.

However, his road to success has not been a bed of roses. Although fame might look very glamourous, there are dark realities that we often miss out on. When he first gained fame for his music, he celebrated a bit too much and let the fame get to his head. He partied so long and hard that one of his lungs collapsed. He spent nearly half a month recovering from a spontaneous pneumothorax in a hospital in Scarborough. After recovering, he put the event behind him and turned a new leaf. He recently got a tattoo over his ribcage to hide the scars from his surgery so that he can now truly start fresh.

Since his first hit, he has penned released a few more catchy tracks, such as “We Could Be Good” and most recently “Wash ’em”. This is an informative song about washing one’s hands thoroughly. This song is produced for children and adults alike, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep them safe from the virus that is wreaking havoc worldwide. This song shows how deeply Drew cares not just about the welfare of the general public but also about how music should always have a strong message for the people listening.

In such a short amount of time, Drew’s music has amassed him a lot of positive attention from all over the world and has given him a lot of success as an indie artist. His dedication to his passion is reflected in his music as he puts a unique twist on pop beats by combining it with his Caribbean ancestry and creating something truly incredible. He makes music staying true to who he is as a person and wants his fans to be truly immersed in his music. Now that the work of indie artists is more accessible than ever thanks to the internet, we can expect Drew’s music to come into the mainstream fairly soon. For now, you can enjoy Drew’s music on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and much more.

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