Abdul Aziz Al Shoail (@abdulaziz_alshoail)


When speaking about a career, people think that they have to choose between having fun and having a reputable career. They do not perceive the fact that they can have a job which is enjoyable and well reputable. Abdul Aziz Al Shoail proves this belief wrong. Abdul Aziz Al Shoail is a very qualified commercial pilot. He resides in Kuwait. Apart from flying commercial planes, he also wishes to act as a candle and enlighten others with his expertise and wisdom. Abdul Aziz Al Shoail is an advance and instrument pilot ground instructor. This means that he helps people learn the skills he is good at so like Abdul Aziz Al Shoail, other people can excel as well.

Abdul Aziz Al Shoail has a lot of experience and expertise in the skill of flying a plane and in the field of aviation. He has vowed to put his knowledge and understanding to good use by offering to teach people who look up to the skies and dream about flying.  He was present at the “Kuwait Aviation Show 2020” for ground school training. He was present to clear any confusions or queries about the theoretical study of flights and aviation.

He has also delivered lectures for the private pilot program, where he inspires a lot of learners to become able and competent pilots. Other than gaining the knowledge offered by Abdul Aziz Al Shoail, learners also become inspired to be part of the next generation of pilots.

Although a lot of people can only think about flying too high heights, it is a reality for Abdul Aziz Al Shoail. He has been involved in the aviation industry for several years. He works with Kuwait International Airlines. He is truly an asset to the organization because of his talent and gift for the art of flying an aircraft.

Abdul Aziz Al Shoail has found the perfect balance between work and enjoyment. Due to the nature of his work, he has the opportunity to travel to a lot of interesting places such as Italy, Abu Dhabi, and more. Other than travelling to beautiful places around the world, Abdul Aziz Al Shoail is very athletic and physically fit. Abdul Aziz Al Shoail likes to visit the gym to improve himself physically. He is a bodybuilder. Other than that, He likes to take part in risky yet thrilling activities such as skydiving. Activities such as skydiving and bodybuilding can intimidate the average person but due to Abdul Aziz Al Shoail’s nature and personality, he finds these activities to be very breathtaking and exhilarating. Abdul Aziz Al Shoail was also present in Kuwait Air Shows in 2018 and 2020 due to him excelling at what he does.

There is no doubt that he lives a very interesting and fun life. To document his journey, he is an active user on Instagram. On this platform, Abdul Aziz Al Shoail posts photos and videos of the eye-catching and stunning places he visits, he also posts photos with impacting and famous people such as Major General Adnan al- Fadhli pilot force commander of the Kuwaiti air and Dr. Mohammed Jemaz. He also uses the platform to increase awareness about his lectures and classes, so more people can be attracted to the field of aviation and become inspired. He is also involved in posting videos and photos of him flying aircraft, so interested people can get a glimpse of what it is like to live a life as a pilot.

Due to the quality content of his posts, Abdul Aziz Al Shoail has reached over 5,000 followers. People who are interested in aviation should definitely follow him so they can see the behind the scenes of being a pilot as Abdul Aziz Al Shoail is very candid about his experiences. With that being said, his followers are not limited to aspiring pilots: he is also followed by people who are interested in seeing gorgeous views of beautiful cities. To get updates on his journey, he can be followed at @abdulaziz_alshoail.

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