Yorki Fernandez (@yorkifer)


With a dream in the mind, a passion in the soul, and a drive in the spirit, nothing is impossible. All that is required to accomplish your dreams is to believe in them and to believe in yourself. With these two factors combined, no force can undo your efforts.

Yorki Fernandez lives by these words and believes in them with all his heart. Yorki was born in the Dominic Republic. Ever since he was a child, he wanted to inspire people and make a positive impact on them with the power of music. Since the beginning, he was headed over heels in love with performing. He loved the smiles he could bring on people’s faces when he performed. Yorki is known as Yorkifer in the music industry.

When he was only 14, he won a talent show. He had stolen the hearts of the organizers by his phenomenal rapping skills. At that moment, he understood that he wanted to give music paramount importance and pursue it until the very end. Currently, he is a tropical music artist. He has been working hard in the music industry for more than 15 years.

In November of 2019, Yorkifer released his single “Traicionero”. This word is Spanish for “Treacherous”. This song is specially crafted in the genre of Latino Urban Music. This genre has recently taken the music industry by storm and is loved by a lot of people, regardless of age, gender, etc.  This upbeat and trendy song is available to be heard on numerous platforms such as YouTube, Deezer, Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Yorkifer also likes to collaborate with other people so he can create new and different types of music. Yorkifer has collaborated with the talented artist, DJ Naeem to create “Mamacita”. This song was released in May of 2019. This song is also under Latino songs which are very catchy, which is one of the reasons it is very popular


Due to Yorkifer’s nature of his work, he has a lot of interesting and intriguing stories to tell. He recalls that one time at a performance, his microphone had malfunctioned and it stopped working. Since the show had to go on, Yorkifer improvised and sung his song acapella style. When he did so, the audience joined in for support and started to sing with him. This led to a very beautiful moment as it created a pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Yorkifer will never forget this moment in his life. Although he was very nervous and anxious when this happened, this moment turned out to be a very important lesson for his career. Yorkifer learned to believe in himself and make the best out of the situation.

Learning this fact, Yorkifer wishes to inspire others and to have them believe in themselves when life becomes trying and tough, just as he did. Yorkifer wishes that he can use his music as a ladder by which people can climb up who are going through tough times and want to become happy. With his music, he emphasizes that everyone should have a passion and drive to work for what they believe in.

Due to Yorkifer’s hard work, talent, and diligence, he has attained a considerable amount of fame in his life. He has over 32,000 followers on his Instagram. He posts aesthetic shots and photos of himself, his family, and sneak peeks of his music videos. He can be followed on his Instagram account at @yorkifer. He also has accumulated over 1,000,000 views on his YouTube channel. This channel can be subscribed at @yorkifer, for amazing quality music videos.

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