Trevor Johnson-Yates (@_saqil)


From a bird’s eye view, there are two things that are different in the world from how it was thirty years ago. I’m no bird, but these are probably things that they’ve noticed as well. One would have to be how much technology has advanced. It’s hidden from no one- little babies know what phones are, birds who’re passing through the city can see everything on the LCD billboards as well. Technology has increased, but so has the competition in the job market. That’s point number two-competition. There’s competition in every aspect of life now. It’s ingrained so much in the society that it is embodied by the small three-year-old who’s made to eat his food by making him ‘race’ to do so against his older brother. People of all ages are involved in some sort of competition or the other. It’s in their careers, professions, art, music, eating, running, and even sleeping for some. It stems from the human need to compare themselves to everything and to validate themselves if they come out at the top.

This kind of environment produces people with different levels of capabilities. Some seem able to function brilliantly in this tough environment, for others, it proves to be that much harder! Most people balk at the thought of the competition level that increases in its intensity as they grow older. This is also true that as these people grow, they enter fewer academic/athletic competitions deliberately as they realize the already high level of competition they have to live with! However, the one good thing this brings out is the winning side of all those who can keep up with it. This has also motivated people’s desire to become winners and one such individual is Trevor Johnson Yates.


Trevor is someone who grew up in the same environment that we were exposed to, but unlike us, he took to it like a fish in the water. He learned how to swim before he learned how to walk- metaphorically speaking. He knew how to win and had a driven urge to win from a very young age. His goal in life was to try as many things as possible and to come out as the winner as many as possible.

He had strong, hard goals and his equally determined personality made it possible for him to pursue them! He dabbled in a lot of different things including vlogging, streaming, modeling, YouTube as well as sports. His mindset and personality were the perfect mixtures to produce a prodigy who excelled in many things and could multi-task like no other!

Trevor joined the twitch community in his teens and took upon the username ‘Saqil’ which is what he goes by on most of his social media platforms. While Twitch was initially a site for gamers to play games and to stream them, it has since then expanded into allowing live streaming as well- something Saqil took full advantage of and used to his benefit! He also took to YouTube to post videos and has gained almost 600 subscribers in a very short time!

Whilst being a multi-tasker and talented in almost all fields, Saqil was also blessed with good looks and a body he works hard to keep fit. He used whatever commodity he had to gain success, so he also delved into the art of modeling for exposure! He modeled for a few brands in the past and has continued to do so even now! Saqil has been diverse in his interests and has also learned the craft of boxing and has been working on it for a short time. He’s only 21 and, for now, his list of achievements and interests are keeping him busy, but he plans to continue these for a long time!

Saqil’s intent on winning everything he masters, but he’s also greatly driven by his need to help others. He holds numerous charity streams where he raises money for various organizations and donates for their cause. He’s been working on himself and for others throughout his 21 years and there’s no doubt that by the time he hits thirty, his name will be on everyone’s lips!

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