Sherwin Appleton (@push2begreat)

10The right to have education is a fundamental human right. Education gives us confidence, builds the character & personality, teaches us a way of life, helps us to evaluate things through different perspectives, develops our interpersonal skills, and can change the future of the individual as well as his country. As it is quoted by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Every individual should be given education irrespective of their race, religion, gender, age, or ethnicity. People living in urban areas are more likely to get their education from far better educational institutions than those living in rural areas or inner cities, where unfortunately the quality of education is compromised. Also, in many places, students are getting outdated education that is of no use to them.

 Today’s article will introduce you to a well-qualified & experienced man, Sherwin Appleton, the founder of a clothing brand, Shwinn Innovations LLC and, also the associated brands of Push2BeGreat, Innovative Learning Curriculum (ILC) as well as Read by Three programs in Canton, Michigan. He’s a BS graduate in Computer Information Systems and has also done a Master’s in Information Management. It’s been 20 years since he stepped into the world of the IT Profession and gained the work experience. He has the responsibility for the development and integration of corporate tools & applications. In addition, data analytics, content management, and database architecture are also a part of his job.


Push2BeGreat is an apparel brand that offers athletic uniforms & apparel which includes pants, shirts, jackets, footwear, caps, and hats. The aim of the brand is to “Uplift” and motivate the people to outreach their maximum potential so that in the future, they can contribute to building stronger communities. They have a vast collection for men, women, and kids. Besides, they do free delivery from above $79. The quality of their product is loved by its customers. Many celebrities, including Holly Robinson, former basketballer Stephen Jackson publicize, and appreciate the clothes of Push2BeGreat on their social media platform. The brand has its own official website from where you can shop online. More than 19.6k people follow their Instagram account that has the username @push2begreat, also they have an account on Twitter and Facebook for updates and information.

P2BG developed a program “Innovative Learning Curriculum” (ILC) to boost up the knowledge and enhance the skills of those students who live in inner cities or economically disadvantaged areas as the performance of the schools located in those areas is declining. This program is based on the learning approach in which students are encouraged to achieve their goals. This was a great initiative taken collectively by Shwinn Innovations, LLC, and P2BG for the betterment of the low school performance and education sector. They do a partnership with different inner-city schools and create programs to motivate students to use their full potential and become successful. Sherwin’s job is to aid in designing, modification, and implementing any technology. These days, Sherwin is planning to create a mobile application for ILC. ILC is about bringing innovation in learning with a special curriculum designed for it. Innovation is necessary for education because it helps us in solving problems with new and contemporary solutions, provides us insight, and makes our future bright and secure. They have decided to first test ILC in the inner cities of Detroit and Flint to check how successful it goes. Then, those teachers doing their instructional practices effectively will be selected for further training in ILC. It provides classrooms from Kindergarten- Grade12 where there is a need for an increase in engagement amongst the students. ILC aims to modify their curriculum and instructional practices for the student’s benefit. This also gives a sense of empowerment and acceptance to the teachers as they are providing the innovative curriculum to the students. The teacher needs to teach using various teaching methods as well as different strategies and materials to engage the students. This unique curriculum will not only alter the way students are taught but will also make the content meaningful and beneficial for the students and at the same time, providing them a safe, interactive environment to learn.

Every individual is responsible to contribute something good and useful in society to help it grow stronger and better. Similarly, the brands and companies need to be socially responsible too and positively contribute to serving a social purpose that must benefit society as a whole. By doing this, there will be stability in between the welfare of the society as well as economic growth. Moreover, this also helps the brands/companies in their growth, positive reputation, and better brand recognition.

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