Raja Haider (@rajahaidermusic)


Raja Haider is an accomplished artist who hails from the US state of New Jersey. He likes to experiment with different mediums and that is why he is a writer, a rapper, and a poet. Wearing these multiple hats allows him to not restrict himself and practice and get better at multiple things. His different crafts also work well together and he might use one to build on another, for example, his ability to write well is utilized by writing lyrics for his rap songs. Thus, Raja’s unique and creative thinking skills have helped him build a career around different art mediums, that give him the space to create a specific identity for himself. His success stems from the fact that he is able to fully express himself through his rap and poetry, without any judgments from others.

Raja is active on most social media platforms and has a great presence especially on Instagram. His Instagram handle is “rajahaidermusic” and he has an impressive following of more than six thousand people. He started posting on his account last year in September and the fact that he reached a high following in such a short period of time shows that people like and enjoy his content. Now, most of his pictures get more than a thousand likes and his follower count always seems to be increasing.

His Instagram stories show that he is a bodybuilder and likes to keep fit. Taking care of your health and at the same time, juggling a busy work life is no easy feat. However, Raja manages to maintain a good balance and puts equal effort in both. Other than documenting his personal life, Raja also uses Instagram to give his followers updated on his work life, especially the new music that he is producing and recording. He considers himself to be a Punjabi rap star, however, he always uses the hashtag “worldwide” in different posts about his music. This is because even though he is a Punjabi rapper, his music is supposed to cater to all people, even if they have different nationalities. Thus, this is what makes Raja such a unique artist, as he does not let physical boundaries create divisions between people and wants everyone in the world to listen and enjoy his music.

Raja started writing lyrics at the young age of ten and soon, started rapping too. Doing these things from an early age gave him more than enough time to practice and build his skill set. Thus, it’s no surprise that he turned out to be an expert rapper and lyricist. It seems that he will leave a great mark in the music industry and people won’t ever easily forget him. Currently, he has been working on producing and releasing new music. He has a YouTube channel, called “Raja Haider Muzic.” In December 2019, he released a twenty-five-second-long teaser for his new song, “Marjani Marjani” there. It was accompanied by a music video that is soon to be released as well. The director of photography (DOP) for the video was Riz Rizwan and XS Studios. Thus, it seems that Raja is putting a lot of hard work in his new music, and fans are patiently waiting for it because they know good work requires time and effort.

Raja is a dedicated individual, who is very passionate about his work and likes to put all his effort into producing music that his fans can enjoy and relate to. His mind’s ability to work so creatively and efficiently has resulted in him reaching great heights within the music industry. Now, all that is left is for him is to keep writing and releasing great tracks that carry both his individuality in them, but can also cater to a large audience.

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