Ossido Master (@ossidomaster)


Salvatore Spampinato is an Italian rapper who goes by the name of Ossido Master. While he is originally from Catania, Sicily, he is currently based in the UK. Salvatore has already made waves in Italy and is known for his underground music. Some of his more recent achievements include featuring with D-12, which is famous rapper Eminem’s crew, and working with American musician Busta Rhymes. As his career continues to grow, he frequently appears on TV and radio shows and performs live concerts.

His journey into music and the world of rap started when he was a kid. Since the age of 12, Salvatore was obsessed with hip hop music and so he started writing his own songs. Soon his name began to emerge in the world of Italian underground music and he became a well-known fixture there. His success had not come easily but had required years and years of writing songs. During this time he also started to appear on TV and radio shows, concerts, and freestyle battles which gave him an audience and helped him hone his skills. It was at this point that he decided he wanted to make a career out of music. Rap had always been a big part of his life as early on his father and sister had introduced him to different rappers. He drew major inspiration from American rapper Eminem and keenly remembers watching an Eminem music video as a child and wanting to be like him.

In order to become successful one must always dream big and then work hard to achieve those dreams. Salvatore always wanted to work with famous Italian and American rappers such as his idol Eminem and his D-12 crew. In 2017 he finally achieved his dream and got to work with the D-12 crew, videos of this collaboration can be found on YouTube. In 2020 he secured a collaboration with Busta Rhymes who is considered a legend in the world of hip hop. The song is undergoing production and will be released this year.

Maintaining a social media presence has become important for musicians these days as their fans like to follow them and keep up with their lives. Salvatore is very active on Instagram and has already amassed a following of 16.5k people. While English is not his native language, he tries to be as inclusive as possible on his profile and speaks to his fans in Italian, English, and Spanish so he can be understood by as many people as possible. He also frequently posts videos on YouTube and his songs can also be found on Spotify and I-Tunes under the name of Ossido Master.

His Instagram has many snippets of his songs and videos of him performing at home. His excellent ability as a rapper will surely make his followers check out his music. He has also shared artwork of his upcoming song with Busta Rhymes and this managed to create a lot of hype amongst his fan. He also frequently posts selfies with contemplative captions that give followers a sneak peek into his life. His Instagram also links to his website which is www.ossidomaster.com and is full of his content and also merchandise that fans can purchase and artwork that can be downloaded.

The Ossido Master YouTube channel has over 700 thousand views and contains music videos. Not only is his music masterfully produced but so are the videos that accompany them. They have been shot at various vibrant locations. The video for the song “Too Late” has many shots that beautifully feature London. Another song of his called “ Questo è il mio rap” has an animated video. The quality of his work can be seen in the range of his music and videos.

The unique thing about Salvatore’s music is that he does not limit himself to one genre. He likes to experiment and would not restrict himself to simply doing rap, trap, or soul music. This way he is able to challenge himself and offer a unique musical experience to his fans. His career has already seen major growth and he has already made a name for himself by collaborating with the best names in rap. The quality of his work and his unique range indicate that he will continue to grow and become a big name in the world of music.

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