NBA En Famille (@nbaenfamille)


What’s better than traveling the world alone? Traveling the world with your whole family! Now it might seem like a tedious thing to do but one family has managed to achieve these travel goals. In 2017 the NBAenfamille attended an NBA game at the Madison Square Garden in NYC. This game proved to be an excellent bonding experience for the family, especially their three little boys. The family has so much fun and after the parents saw how passionate and inspired their little boys were, they decided to take this a step further and make a career out of their passion for watching basketball games!

This young French family consists of a total of 5 members. These include the parents and three cute little boys. The whole family is a fan of basketball and love following and being present at NBA games. Despite their busy schedules, the family always took out time to take their kids to these games and take lots of pictures with them. They would also post these pictures on their social media accounts and soon the videos and pictures started getting a lot of attention from people around the world. After seeing so much love pouring from so many people on social media, the family decided it was a good idea to continue their little NBA adventures. The little family decided to officiate their adventures by making accounts on Twitter, Youtube Facebook, and Instagram with the name “NBAenfamille.” They also made a TikTok account with the same name later and regularly post cute and funny videos of themselves enjoying at NBA games.


The family enjoys every game they attend. However, some are more memorable than others. Their favorite games were the games they attended in Toronto, the OKC game, and the All-Star game. They have uploaded many pictures from all these events. They covered these games extensively and made videos that they later uploaded on their official YouTube channel. Due to this, they have a huge fan following as people love to see the little family spend time together and bond over fun games. With around 3.48K subscribers on YouTube and 11.7K followers on Instagram, this family is very popular and has thousands of fans. Many of their fans have posted comments supporting the family’s initiative. Other fans have also expressed their love for the family and what they do and stated that they wished they could also do the same.

Due to their popularity, the NBAenfamille was interviewed by media channels and was also a part of a small press conference. The news of their plans became extremely popular and various NBA stars also met up with them and took pictures with the family. Some popular NBA stars that met the family during one of these games were Dikembe Mutombo who is currently an NBA Global Ambassador and is also an extremely influential businessman. Mutombo later commented on the picture they posted with him and expressed his delight at meeting the family and the wonderful little boys. These pictures are uploaded on the family’s Instagram account.

After the game in 2017, the family had pledged to travel the world for a year and attend as many NBA games as they could. And so far, they have been achieving their goal pretty consistently. From Oklahoma to San Antonio, NYC, and Toronto this family has traveled pretty much everywhere! And the best part is, they traveled by road! Road trips are usually slow and tedious, but with the right people by your side, they can turn into the best adventure. And that’s exactly what happened in the case of the NBAenfamille.

If you want to travel the world and do something exciting, you can always take inspiration from this young French family. They invested their own money to take a road trip around the world and attend NBA games in major cities. If you want some inspiration and want to live their journey first hand, you can find the family on their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok account under the name “NBAenfamille.”

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