Madina Musitova (@aelliaah)



The only things which will make one successful are a clear dream and the effort to fulfill it. With the dream of making it big, Madina always envisioned that she would do something she will be proud of. Madina is a 26-year-old young woman. Her ethnicity is French Russian, and she used to live in Paris for a lot of years until she discovered her passion.

Madina, who is known as Aelliaah in the professional world, currently lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Aelliaah was struck by luck when she was offered to join an agency in Paris, by someone who was involved in the modeling industry. With this step, Madina took her chances and gradually began to make moves for her career. In Paris, she was involved in photo shoots, campaigns and even starred in a reality TV show.

One day, Madina was offered to do a campaign in the gorgeous city of Dubai, excited by the offer, she gladly accepted it and has not looked back since. Ever since Madina took that offer for the campaign, she has been happily living in Dubai.


It is no surprise that Madina was scouted by someone in the modeling industry. Due to her multicultural origin, Madina has unique and beautiful features. She embodies the delicacy of a French woman while simultaneously turning heads with her stunning Russian features. Her multicultural origin has given Madina an edge and advantage in the modeling industry where she stands out amongst others.

Madina wants to connect with her fans and followers, and to do so, she uses Instagram as her primary platform. On the app, Madina posts photos of herself which are received with a lot of praise and appreciation. Fans and followers can follow Madina at @aelliaah on Instagram. Here, the model is active and posts a lot of stories and posts to keep her fans and followers entertained. Her posts and photos revolve around fashion and beauty, Madina works to inspire young people who look at her photos and outfits for inspirations. Madina is well aware of trends and styles, so a lot of young people follow her to keep themselves updated. Madina has accumulated over 17,700 followers on the website. Due to Madina’s quality content, this number will only increase. She also has a firm belief in God, Madina has written “God is good” as a reminder to herself and her fans that all blessings have been given by the grace of the Almighty.

Madina also vows to entertain her fans and followers using the new video app, TikTok. On this platform, Madina participates in fun and engaging challenges so to keep a smile on her viewers’ faces. She has made a video on “Don’t Rush Challenge”, which has recently taken over TikTok, among many others. She also has made a video which is involved in highlighting the stigma around wearing makeup. This video has reached nearly 900 views on the application. She has also taken part in “The Ahi Challenge”. Madina is stealing hearts on the platform; this is evident as she has received over 160 likes on the website. She can be followed on TikTok with her username being: @aelliaah

Madina is the perfect person to follow for people who are looking for fashion or beauty inspiration. Other than being strikingly gorgeous, the model is also skilled at making short and captivating videos for her followers to see on TikTok. Interested people can also follow the model on Snapchat at@aelliaah. She also has a Twitter account, where she retweets interesting and meaningful content; she has the same username on all these platforms: @aelliaah.

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