Luxe Jewelry LLC (@luxejewelrychicago)


The dawn of capitalism bought about the realization that it’s each individual for his own. Everyone’s struggling to survive so there’s no urge to help those in need.This also makes people look for profit for themselves wherever possible- they go as far as to exploit those coming to them to make money for themselves! However, where there is disparity like this, there are also people balancing this scale. One individual who has made a name for himself as an agent for justice for the people is Brandon O’Neal.

Brandon was already a successful entrepreneur when he ventured into the jewelry business. Having a seven-figure salary had made it easy for him to be exposed to the jewelry of all quality and prices and thus he got into this with enough knowledge to keep him going. Jewelry business is well known for its competitiveness- you can either make it big in the industry or forever maintain your stagnant presence as one of the nobodies. Thus, it could be considered an impulsive move on Brandon’s part to start this business out of nowhere. Having enough money to sustain himself, it could be argued that this move wasn’t as much of a risk as it would’ve been for those whose primary and first business was in the jewelry industry. However, while he was impulsive, he was by no means uninformed!

He had grown up amidst a river of jewelry- everything from Gucci, Rolex, David Yurman and luxury brands most people couldn’t even pronounce much less see up close, passed through his eyes and he kept a tally of their worth as he saw people spend lavish amounts of money on small pieces of jewelry. He got the general gist that all the consumers were facing some kind of con by the market- logic, and facts dictated that the price everyone was getting their jewelry made was at a high profit to the owner. However, he was not one to let his mouth carry off without confirming his theories, thus he spent months going around and discussing his theories in length with high-end jewelers. Even after that, he spent hundreds of hours poring over research to confirm his hypothesis until he confirmed that all of them led to the same conclusion- the market price of jewelry was much higher than it’s worth!

Brandon wasn’t someone to let something this apparent go- he had to look into it more! Being up to date with the current marketing strategies, he knew that these companies made sales mostly online through various social media accounts. He analyzed the flow-demand ratio and came to the conclusion that most people were after the trend of hip-hop style- something most jewelry manufacturers were aware of and were exploiting!

Fueled by a strong sense of justice and empathy, Brandon planned to open his own business which would tackle the two predominant issues in the market: quality control and exorbitantly high rates of the products. He started Luxe Jewelry LLC with these issues in mind and endeavored to provide to the public high-end products with a much better affordability rate!

Luxe ensured their material quality by using only solid gold or sterling silver in their products. They introduced a much wider range of custom products allowing their customers to splurge on jewelry that was specific to their taste as well as worth their money! One thing Brandon revealed was the increase in the use of moissanite compared to diamonds. Moissanite is a product not widely known as it would cause jewelers to take a hit in their profit. It’s an element that looks similar to diamond but is a lot cheaper comparatively! This is something Luxe uses a lot on demand of its buyers.

The reason Luxe has been so popular with their customers is because of their transparency and honesty. They keep themselves open to scrutiny and resolve all issues that their customers might have. It’s because of their idealogy that they’ve gained popularity so fast, and there’s no doubt that they will only continue to do so!

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