Gregory Anthony Suggs (@ louanthony_)


Gregory Anthony Suggs is what you get when you mix pure talent and honest, hard work. Officially known as Lou Anthony, Suggs is a rising American music artist and a young entrepreneur. Originally from West Philadelphia, Suggs wasn’t born with a lot of money or privilege. He had to work incredibly hard to achieve everything that he has today. He is not only an excellent rapper but also dabbles in the art of audio engineering. He has mixed thousands of tracks in addition to his productions.

As a child, Suggs was quiet and shy. His love for music started to develop during his pre-school years. Every day when his mom was taking his siblings and him to school, she would play some of her favorite tracks. One of these that Suggs loved was “No Charge” by the famous Shirley Caesar. Listening to this song not only improved his mood but also energized him before a long day of school. But it was during his high school years that Suggs realized how much he loved music. Since he was a shy kid, he started using music as an artistic medium to express his feelings and emotions. Due to this, he also started gaining attention and becoming more popular amongst his peers. Even then, Suggs had the talent of successfully transferring his feelings into the music that he was creating.

Whilst he was pursuing his college degree in 2017, Suggs was invited by his cousin to a Cam’Ron concert that was taking place in Ardmore. This was also very close to his hometown in Philadelphia. Naturally, Suggs took up on the invitation and got the change to watch the whole concert from a VIP balcony. Since his cousin worked for Cam’Ron, he arranged for Suggs to be invited to a private gathering which included the great Cam’Ron and some of his close friends and crew members. Not only did Suggs get a chance to meet his idol, but he also got a chance to perform for him. That truly must have been a life-changing experience! After getting appreciation and respect from his favorite artist, Suggs decided that this was the life he wanted to pursue as well.

After this, there was no stopping Suggs. He started working under the name professional name Lou Anthony. Anthony being his middle name, fit neatly with his new personality and was his first step into the world of music and success. Naturally, Suggs started small. He interned at various studios and started teaching himself audio engineering. Since he was a quick learner, he was able to learn fairly quickly and soon started mixing and editing songs himself. Since then, he has successfully mixed thousands of songs for various artists. This includes almost all of his tracks and projects. His first studio project was released in 2012 and there has been no stopping him ever since!

After the continued successes of his music projects, Suggs launched his music label called The Ludlow Sounds. His music has been influenced by various famous artists including Drake and 2Pac. He has an eye for good music! Recently in 2016, his single “All my Life” gained him millions of fans worldwide. It was praised by famous music artists like Cam’Ron and Black Thought. During the same year, he created a freestyle track to the song “Uber everywhere” and published it on his SoundCloud account. His cover was extremely popular and reached around 1 million streams on the app. He also has his publishing branch called The Ludlow Authorships. Ever since he released his first track, Suggs has been achieving all his goals with consistency and determination.

 His ambitious personality and consistent hard work have brought him this far. Truly, Suggs is an inspiration! If you want to enjoy Suggs’s work you can follow @louanthony on Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow him on Sound Cloud with the link He also has his website titled

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