Dorothy Ciara Green (@dear.dorothy)



Dorothy Ciara Green, known by the name Ciara or Dorothy is a 26-year-old entrepreneur and a model from Birmingham Alabama. Currently based in Los Angeles, she is an artist with a background in creative direction, brands developing, modeling and public speaking. Her skills as a model and an entrepreneur are highly inspired by film, fashion, and beauty, all three fields which continuously introduce the world to limitless creative possibilities.

Thanks to her mother, Ciara’s passion for modeling started at an incredibly early age of just 4 years old when her mother excitedly used to submit Ciara to children’s modeling gigs at southern department stores. While mentioning her memories associated with modeling and her loving mother, Ciara mentioned: “She would put me in front of every flower bush she could find and tell me to pose (what felt like) a hundred different ways”. Little did they both know that Ciara would build a tremendously impressive career in modeling. Ciara’s exposure to modeling literally made her fall in love with being in front of the camera. When she got a bit older about 12 years old, she started doing DIY photoshoots with her sister and even tried to pursue modeling in Barbizon which she afterwards got to know was unfortunately, a ‘scam’ acting and a modeling school. Although Ciara could not pursue modeling as a career path at that time, she still knew in her heart that modeling was what she was made for. Thus, after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, she took a difficult decision at the age of 22, to move to Los Angeles, the city of her dreams in order to finally pursue her passion professionally.

With only one month’s rent and no job, Ciara then moved to Los Angeles, California to try and make her dream come true. In Los Angeles, Ciara’s noteworthy talent was acknowledged and within the first month of her arrival, she was hired by a boutique branding agency. According to Ciara, her move to Los Angeles was her first big break as she could have multiple opportunities in the city to catch her dream jobs. During her time at the boutique, Ciara not only polished her modeling skills but also got to learn about brand development after which she decided to start her own branding business. Today, Ciara is signed with two modeling agencies i.e. FT45 Agency in New Orleans and LA & Q Management in Los Angeles, and is the face of a successful branding business called “Signed Ciara” which is based on kindness, love and the will to do better.

“Signed Ciara” specializes in constructing, motivating, and supporting women-owned businesses in all phases of growth, starting from start-ups to established. Her team crafts and shapes brands while also guiding the owner/s of the brand about the proper and recommended ways to lead the business. Whether customers need help in marketing, communications or better business growth, Ciara and her team help them improve the stability of their businesses. Ciara’s efforts toward providing women the deserving help for their businesses are extremely impressive and praiseworthy. Today, the gap between the ratio of women and men in leading businesses is unpleasantly high due to the systemic oppression that women and non-cishet people all around the world face. This systemic gender oppression can be overcome only if non-male people are helped and given the same opportunities to lead businesses as men have. Talented and thoughtful people like Ciara play a small part in a huge global problem and change the lives of many for the better.

Ciara’s immense talent and thoughtful decisions led her to live the life of her dreams. While talking to us about the interesting events of her life, Ciara mentioned the time when she was invited to Post Malone’s birthday party in the Hollywood Hills where she got to play Beer Pong with him, 21 savage and Kevin Durant. She mentioned the funniest parts of the story how Kevin Durant lost at Beer Pong and how Ciara then broke one of her heels due to which she had to walk on her tiptoes with one of her feet! how we all wish to live that life!

If you are incredibly impressed by Ciara like us, you can catch up on her life events and be inspired by her talent by following her on Instagram @dear.dorothy.

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