David Kane Nowinsky (@davenowinsky)


David Kane Nowinsky is a 28-year-old American who was born and raised in Long Island New York. He studied music and the music industry from the University of Miami, Florida. David has worked in the nightlife and entertainment industry for the past 11 years.

David began his career at a very early age. He started off by arranging teen nights in Manhattan at the age of 15. Soon after high school, he continued his studies at the University of Miami. While in Miami, David learned a great deal about hospitality, nightlife, and entertainment. He often explored the city and enjoyed its nightlife environment. Soon after graduation, David went on a two-year tour throughout the country as the tour manager. During the tour, he barely took a few breaks.

In the past, David has worked as the director of nightlife at the Playboy Club and the Elevate Nightclub in New York City. While still at college, Dave also experienced working at LIV in Miami as a VIP host. He also had the opportunity of working as a General Manager of a nightclub in Southampton. The story of him landing a job at the nightclub in Southampton is a very interesting one. He had wanted to inquire about the nightclub details for Memorial Day weekend in Southampton and was offered a job as the VIP director for the weekend. However, by the end of his first night in the club, he was offered to work all summer. In the next couple of weeks, Dave acquired the position of a General Manager of one of the largest and most popular clubs in the Hamptons. Through his experiences in the past have been very exciting, Dave tries his best to maintain a calm and composed attitude.

David Kane just recently launched his new LLC by the name of David Kane Management (DKM) LLC. At DKM, new artists who are struggling with their careers are given opportunities to progress in their field. It also caters to established artists who require help for enhancing their careers. The organization is an expert in brand development, event production, advertisement, and artist management. Starting the company was Dave’s passion and is based on all of his life experiences. DKM serves as a booking agency as well as a talent agency for its clients.

Along with a successful career, David has a very stable and happy private life. He is a very loving son to his mother, who he considers to be his best friend. He is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend Julia and considers her to be a blessing in his life.

David can be followed on Twitter and Instagram as @DaveNowinsky. David has over 2.5 thousand followers on Instagram and regularly updates his profile with photos of his work and daily endeavors. His uploads are received with many positive comments from his followers who highly appreciate his work. His Instagram features numerous celebrities including the music artist ASAP TyY and a popular entrepreneur Richie Hosein. Many pictures of himself and his girlfriend Julia can be seen on his profile. Through his photos, one can go on a journey through all the exciting experiences David has had throughout his life, from working at numerous clubs to traveling to distant locations.

The work of his company David Kane Management can be viewed on Instagram as @dkmgmt_.The profile features many artists who wish to develop and progress their careers. These artists include models, comedians, singers, and dancers. The account serves as a platform that features all the new talents that aspire to be recognized and wish to build a career in the industry.

David feels that the entertainment industry and nightlife are the two sides of a coin. He is very grateful to have been living a life of his dreams every day and every night.

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