Natasha Singh (@natashasingh007)


The Bollywood film industry is notorious for being one of a kind and serves as the main source of entertainment for all of South Asia. There have been many actors down the years of Indian cinema that have gone on to become icons, first gaining popularity in South Asia and then going on to becoming the talk of Hollywood as well. Someone who keeps up with the talk of the industry will also know that Bollywood is notorious for opportunities being passed down through families. Most of the time, the young talent we see today in Indian cinema is a relative of someone who’s already well-established in the industry. However, Natasha Singh, our icon of today, is a popular Indian actress who’s worked her way up from the bottom all by herself.

Natasha Singh Chauhan, who’s better known by her stage name Natasha Singh was born on October 1st, 1992. Being still quite young, she has already made a name for herself in the industry, which is impressive since it takes considerable years for a rookie to make it in any entertainment-related industry. She was born in Manali, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh that sits in the Himalayan range far north of the country. As a child, Natasha went down the same education path as most of us do. She completed her secondary education in her home state and went on to complete a Bachelor’s degree in a technical university. However, her life turned around when she decided to work for India’s Tamil film industry at the age of 23.

Natasha big break came when she took on the challenge to compete in her state’s beauty pageant, Miss Himachal. Her talent and beauty inspired the judges and she went on to win the title of Miss Himachal Pradesh in 2015, which took her to compete further in Miss India in 2016 where she represented her home state. Although she didn’t win and was crowned as the runner-up, she ended up being victorious over the hearts of the Indian population and saw a steep rise to fame.

Singh’s pageant debut gathered so much attention that it was only a matter of time before she caught the eye of a casting director. In 2018, she was called to act in a leading role in Raju Murugan’s Tamil film ‘Gypsy’. The film did well and got praised for talking about the politicization of religion, an issue that is prevalent in almost all of the countries that make up South Asia. Singh was praised for her acting debut in a strong, impactful film.

Natasha by herself is a very lovely, outgoing person. She is immensely popular all over India, and her Instagram account is the evidence of this fact; it boasts over 100k followers. She is a pretty regular poster on the platform, and all her posts collect on average 10k likes. She’s also known for her great fashion sense, and her posts almost always focus on herself and her outfits which are all very different from each other and flaunt a very modern, chic style that resonates with the typical 21st century South Asian female.

Natasha becoming as influential as she is today while still being so young is a feat that few achieve while being part of an industry that is as cutthroat as Bollywood is. She is an inspiration to all of those who can’t follow unconventional dreams of going into the entertainment industry because they are shunned by society. The existence of people like her proves that hard work, dedication to your craft, and the ability to not give up is the key element to getting your own talent recognized. Singh’s career is an ode to the fact that if your talent and ability are good enough, it will create attention and noise for itself no matter what the circumstances are.

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