Daniel Western (@iamdanwestern)


There are those who face the realities of life and prefer to give in and not try- those people whilst easy to understand and relate to, are often the ones who don’t succeed in life. These stories are prevalent in the ‘failure stories’ offered to us throughout our childhood. This not only destroys our motivation, it also feeds on our self-esteem and adds a block on our potential. It’s imperative to have good role models to look up to, who can encourage you and help you on your way to becoming a better and more successful person. This is why the work that Daniel Webster has put in is so important.

No one’s born with the insight to what is successful and what will end up making money, thus everyone works on the basis of trial and error. Daniel’s experience is no different. He started young, and he dabbled in a lot of different activities before he committed to a certain one. He was always a businessman at heart and dabbled in different ways to make money as a teenager. He used eBay as his source of money at that age- he’d take old or ruined equipment and worked on the day and night to repair them. He developed his skills from a very young age and could easily fix earphones, headphones, laptops, and game consoles which he then sold online.

His work took a turn when he developed an interest in fitness. He dived quickly and deep into it and went through many blogs, articles, and videos to learn about it. This is what eventually sparked the idea of a wealthy gorilla in his mind. However, he didn’t get everything in the first try- he’s only human after all! He tried basing his site off of popular and successful websites- however, all those commercialized sites are managed by whole companies, thus the level of their content and the amount can be easily distributed by a corporation of their size. Daniel could obviously not work at the efficiency of two hundred people, thus he had to take a step back and re-evaluate. He came to the conclusion that he would base the site off of anything he felt like, and that it would feature whatever he wanted to say and nothing more!

Wealthy Gorilla was originally a site created to present his self-development journey to the world- however, it soon grew into much more. He used his goal to help and inspire people on their journey to success and built a platform that could provide that to its users. The site eventually became a space filled with motivation, inspiration, advice, and information for all those who dared to aspire and dream!

Daniel’s work paid off and his website gained popularity in just a few short years. Of the four years since he started it, he’s very open about his struggles in the first three. However, he stayed true to his goal and now has over 150 million views and reaches over 10 million people every month! It has become one of the most famous motivational blogs world-wide and Daniel is considered to be one of the top 20 motivational influencers!

At just the age of 25, Daniel’s achieved so much. His site has been mentioned in famous magazines such as Forbes, SUCCESS magazine, The News, The Elite Daily, and so many others, as well as by famous people including Soulja Boy, Paulo Coelho, Sylvester Stallone, and Logan Paul. He also was taken to talking about his story and background on numerous podcasts and has shared tips with people in similar boats!

In just 5 years Daniel Western has achieved more than what people dream of achieving their entire life. However, his work hasn’t stopped yet. He aims to start two more blogs, Jacked Gorilla and Gaming Gorilla which will be out in just a short time. He’s grown so much in such a short time- he’s moved from his homeland England to Bali, where he lives and works now. His narrative is one that embodies hard-work and the importance of strong motivation, and there’s no doubt that his legacy will be carried on by all those whom he inspires!

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