T-Jay Travage (@dr_t_jay)


Success belongs to those who persistently pursue and work untiringly to achieve it. It’s the golden rule for success, which is depicted in the lifestyle of the accomplished model John Jeffry Romulus also known as T-Jay Travage who has so long achieved his goals and has been inspired by his mother. He is extremely dedicated, highly confident, exceptionally interactive, incredibly creative, decidedly optimistic, particularly respectful, dreadfully hardworking, extraordinarily zealous, tender-hearted, well demonstrative, and fearlessly adventurous by nature. Although, he is quite young these inherited qualities certify him as a predictable model and a growing star of the future undoubtedly. Being a multi-talented dynamic youth, his exertions are also multi-facet so that simultaneously, he is an entrepreneur, an events promoter, a model, and owner of a local business; truly he is a man of vision. One can watch him live on all the social media platforms and streaming networks especially his kingtraka.

He states, publicly, to be followed as a model, and that is the best of his identities that construct his distinguished features in the industry. He is very true in his saying that is “Your dream is your passion”, and these words can be found in his lifestyle too.

The most powerful motivation for T-Jay is his venture to create and show what he decides for him. Hence everything is fairly practicable, there is no way for him to be indecisive in his lifestyle because his mother’s advice is found to be incredibly stimulating him as he says, “my mother always tells me not to be discouraged in this life, live according to your desire and you will succeed”. Really, the golden words and the true submission are factually reflected in his life in an exceptionally outstanding manner.

The super impulsive personality of T-Jay is definitely a mock-up for the enthusiastic youths of the day to achieve their goals in a proper manner driven by persistent struggle and unbroken courage. In this sense, he is a man of faith so that he strongly believes in his dreams and strives untiringly not to give up until materializes what he has dreamt. For such an accomplished personality, it’s beyond the doubt to face no failure in the pace of his life anywhere at any time.

T-Jay is a dynamic youth, determined to work hard and to live by trying to make his dreams come true and that is the secret behind his success alongside his zeal for being followed and known for his accomplishments in his career. Therefore, he performs extraordinarily for the best of creativities, and modestly expects his fans to cordially respond to him. A person like him deserves to be followed and be encouraged as he may be able to furnish his career.

T-Jay is also very straightforward and has a pure heart and a loving soul. His bio on Instagram, very explicitly demonstrates his simple but happy and contented life and his highly social sense, his gorgeous friend’s circle, his adventurous unrest soul, his celestial love for nature, his immense zeal for lavish living and his strong will to face challenges. He is optimistic and hopeful and is always found to be very cheerful and enjoying his life. It’s quite difficult to define his lifestyle in one word.

T-Jay Travage is a committed professional and exceptionally educated star, having multiple skills, and living a stylish life. He is willing to share every moment of his life and each event of his career track. He can be found and followed on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dr_t_jay/.

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