Mark Thomas Rhodes (@prod.mtstreets)


Music can heal the wounds that medicine cannot touch. Music is one of the forms of art by which humans can be impacted very positively. A lot of people turn to music when they are feeling upset or depressed. Music can quickly change the mood and emotions of people for the better. To create music that has such power takes a lot of skill and talent.

Mark Thomas Rhodes possesses the skill and talent for creating such music. Mark lives in Los Angeles, United States. His goal is to make music that inspires the listeners and makes them feel good about life. He relies on upbeat beats and catchy lyrics to lift up people’s spirits. Mark is known as MTStreets in the music industry. He is involved in making likable and attractive songs in the genres of pop, hip hop, and rhythm and blues.

Other than being a music producer, MTStreets is also a singer and songwriter. MTStreets’s cheery and attractive tracks have earned him over 23,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, a media service provider. He has also gained fame and popularity on Soundcloud, his song “Masquerade” has over 20,000 listens on the app.

MTStreets released his first single “White Roses” in the end of February of 2020. This song was met with praise and appreciation by Soul and Rhythm and Blues fans from all over the world. Soon after the success of this song, MTStreets went on to release his second “Masquerade”, this song also stole hearts of pop fanatics all across this globe and has over 30,000 listens on Spotify. With the raging success, MTStreets released collaborations with the talented artist Jamu to create the pop song “Who Started It”. This song is his second most popular song on Spotify. Coupled with collaboration, MTStreets released “My Dawg” in collaboration with Charles.

Although MTStreets started to make his own music in the year 2020, he has been appearing as featuring artists before that. In 2018, he collaborated with Bean Codeine and Freshie to make the pop masterpiece “Hold Up”. He also worked with Josh Greene to make his single “RUNNINGAWAY” in 2019.

Things were not always uphill for the music producer. Mark’s younger brother was a very successful artist in the genre of the trap. He was about to release his first album, but unfortunately, he passed away on 1st December 2019 by overdosing on Fentanyl. His brother was only nineteen when he passed away. Since then, Mark’s dream has to be a successful artist and a producer to honor his younger brother.

Although MTStreets has achieved all this success now, he had to face a lot of hard times to get where he is today. Mark was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome when he was only a young boy. This syndrome can cause the person to have verbal and non-verbal tics. Unfortunately, Mark was bullied because of his neurological condition by his peers and classmates. To make matters worse, his teachers were against him as they believed he was being disruptive in class.

To find solitude and peace from the negative people in his life, Mark turned to sports and music. Mark realized that whenever he was serving shots in tennis or playing the keys on the piano, the symptoms of his condition used to disappear. He worked hard on both of his hobbies and gradually started to excel in both.

Mark became the #1 junior tennis player in the entire state of California. As for music production, Mark had already composed 31 songs by the time he was the tender age of fifteen. His talent for both hobbies was noticed by companies and the people around him. Although Mark loved tennis, he had a special place for music in his heart. For his career, Mark chose music and has no regrets for doing so.

His passion and drive for music are inexorable: his love for music has always been endless. In the journey of producing music, he noticed that he loves working and collaborating with other talented and like-minded individuals. On top of that, he has worked with other talented individuals such as Hannah Uzi, Nova Blis To, Kiwaev, and Cicero.

With his hard work and passion, MTStreets hopes to become a very successful producer one day. His aim and goal are to have a Grammy award in his hands in return for his efforts. Mark posts updates about his life and music on his Instagram account: @prod.mtstreets. His music is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. Mark is about to release his first album on 12th June 2020, fans of pop and R&B should check out his social media presence to keep themselves updated.

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