Jacques Blue (@_blufromda9)


Jacques Blue, the young and enthusiastic blood is a junior golfer from Fayetteville, North Carolina USA. He is the loving son of Rochelle Blue, appreciating his grandfather for inspiring and supporting him in the game realm of Golf which he loves and passionately adopts as his profession and career. He is extremely willing and hopeful to be the best and top of the young golfers of the USA and no doubt he will be because he accomplishes all the required abilities, capabilities and passion to get a hold of that. He is 6.1 feet tall, maintains his body strength as a recognized athlete with 182lb weight, goes well with golf as a natural career for him. He got schooling from Pine Forest High School and at this time he is studying at the University of Eastern Shore Maryland.


His story as golfer starts when he was only 5 years of age and till the day his fervor for the game knows only the lift up the flight with no fright. He continued his golf career through High School and College and now at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He is associated with PGA Golf Management and plays as a junior golfer. The secret of so high gusto for golf in the very depth of Jacques Blue’s heart is the passion and the principle that he is determinately following. He believes that persistent struggle leads surely to success and that is the path Jacques Blue follows. He is zealous to develop his capabilities professionally in golf after he completes his graduation and his passion and strength of mind will definitely lead him into the top ranks of the game. His faith in his abilities and intellect is so strong that he will never feel tired while pacing for the triumph in golf as his career. His hobby outside of golf is bowling, he likes to read books like “Golf is Not a Game of Perfects”, he seems himself to be the freshman of the year and the most reflecting attribute of golfing nature is his belief that he should win every golf tournament which he enters as a player. Jacques Blue’s concentration in golf is really substantial and his commitments with his profession are truly appreciable. 


His personality has room for many abilities centered on the very genre of the gaming field he has selected as his profession and career. He is a socialite, loving the company of his gorgeous friends; he is the best and trusted companion of the friends around him. He loves his family and respects his elders like the appreciations he shows for his grandfather. Alongside the golf and golfing, he is also a shooting expert which fortifies his skills to get hit the target exactly.

Jacques Blue’s gorgeous personality and socialite lifestyle is a true reflection of his elegancy in professional filed and social subjects. His active presence on social media platforms like Instagram and others reveal his great social sense and friendly manners. He has more than 112K followers on his Instagram page. He is willing to share his skills and experiences with the people all around him so this will be the best opportunity for the youth who want to pursue their career in golf. One can follow him on Instagram (_blufromda9) or meet him in his hometown Fayetteville, North Carolina in the United States of America.

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