Yola Escobar (@Yola.escobar)


Music is an integral part of our life that has the expertise to perceive the taste of people and keeps the world spinning. Similarly, it has a pronounced tendency to inspire, soothe and de-stress us with its melodies and harmonies. It is an alloy that is always there for us in all sorts of emotions whether the emotion is joy, happiness or sadness. There are adroit musicians who have flair to produce such mellifluous essences of the universality in different genres of music. Today, we are talking about one of the supreme musicians who have an enormous obsession with rapping. He engrossed the attention of music fanatics towards his music. He is not only a rapper but also C.E.O and entrepreneur at Gxld Dvpe Music group, Kyng Jereme and Kyng Muzik Empire & Yolagang Muzik group. Certainly, he is Yola Escobar, who is also known as don Yola.

Yola Escobar belongs to the city of Tennessee, Memphis. He was born on 6th March 1989. He did his schooling from Ridgeway High School. In the same way, in 2009 he accomplished his graduation from the University of Memphis. He has 3 children, 1 son and 2 twin daughters.

Yola Escobar is a lucrative rapper who has fixated the love of many people and enticed them to dance on the floor by his massive performances in various night clubs and concerts. He belongs from a hip-hopper family as his brother namely Kyng Jereme is also a rapper. He always makes continual efforts in his studio to provide a unique flavor of music to his fans. His videos of recordings in-studio on Instagram are endorsing his renowned ebullience for music. This is the reason that he has more than 22K followers on Instagram.

Yola Escobar has signed a contract with a famous American rapper, Starlito on 26, April 2016. It was a very ecstatic moment for him, and he posted the picture of agreement on Facebook, and Instagram, in a caption of the picture, he said to his fans and friend: “I will bring Starlito to Louisville if I get as many as likes on the picture of agreement”.

Along with rapping, Yola Escobar is also a colossal songwriter; for him, it is a chief course of action to command the feelings and thoughts of the world in a rhythmic way. He received $3100 for composing a rap; that was his jovial mark, and said: “It is artistry which proliferates your revenue and prominence”.

Yola Escobar loves to have exorbitant wrist wear, footwear, and outfits and spends a holiday in beautiful places in the world. For him Making money is one of the finest avocations. He posts the pictures and videos of money on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. He is a compassionate person and a fundraiser. He gave a great contribution to Alzheimer’s association on his birthday.

yolo t-shritss

If you are the most inclusive fan of Yola Escobar and want to acquire the gratification of his music then you can visit his Instagram page (@Yola.escobar) or you can also buy T-shirts and sweaters of his name tag, Yola.

Yola Escobar is one of the talented and brightest rapping stars who always enlighten his fans with his distinctive uniqueness of music. His exemplary personality is the model of inspiration for all who insists his fans that expect nothing from anyone; be committed and sincere to your work as it is a substantial investment that flourishes you to reach towards your goal.

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