Mathilda T Karlsson


Today we are talking about a popular Olympian, internationally recognized professional horse rider specialized in Showjumping, a potentially talented model, a high valued philanthropist, and a successful brand ambassador whose name is Mathilda T Karlsson.

Mathilda Karlsson has qualified for the 2020 Olympic games, who is based in Germany, is representing Sri Lanka in the competition ring. She qualified with her 11-year-old Chopin VA (Casall). She is the first-ever Sri Lankan equestrian to qualify for the Olympics. The 32nd Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo between the 24th of July and the 9th of August.

Mathilda Karlsson is getting sponsorships from the high-level luxury goods company like the French-based company Dior, the Italian giant luxury brand Miasuki and the German-based real estate business Engels & Völkers, is no doubt a great achievement and an authentic certificate of Mathilda Karlsson’s perfection in her working abilities.

Mathilda Karlsson is the Chief Executive Officer at Breeding, sport, and sale stable Grönwohld Hof. She currently lives in Grönwohld. She is an ambassador for the charity drive “Cash & Rocket”. Cash & Rocket aim to raise money for charities around the world which provide life-changing support to women and children in need.


Mathilda  Karlsson is a skillful horse rider, especially in jump riding. She loves her horse and cares very much and that is the secret of her triumphs in all the fields in equestrian. Her passion for her profession is an exactly right reflection of her love with animals and especially with horses and dogs which she exclaims on social media in her posts.

The enthusiasm, hard work, consistent struggle and the perfect faith in truth are the principles; Mathilda Karlsson follows always with no escape. She has expressed her best quote on Instagram that “Be the best possible version of yourself”. She believes in honesty, truthfulness, continuous and persistent workout, and improvement.


Mathilda Karlsson’s lifestyle and personality are multidimensional in the sense that one can see her as a public figure, influencer, jumping rider, perfect model, and a philanthropist. She is very active on social media and willing to share her photos and updates with her friends, fans, and followers. Her posts on Instagram reveal her as a happy and contented player of life as well as a genius of sports and modeling. She has more than 52K followers on her Instagram account. Her fan following is increasing day by day because of her peculiar and distinguishing style.

Mathilda Karlsson’s lifestyle is great, gorgeous, splendid and appreciable. As a rider, her athletic, slim but strong body is the natural selection for equestrian sports. Her adoration and selfless love for her horse is a representation of her victory in the field hopingly in the coming Summer Olympic competitions.

Mathilda T Karlsson’s vision is as perfect as her look. She knows the ways to get the goals. Her bodysuits every fashion and once a fashion touches her exposition, that’s natural to become a trend and that is due to her sincerity, purity, and passion. One can join or follow her on social media platforms like Instagram (Im_mathildatkarlsson), Facebook (Mathilda Karlsson), and Youtube channel (MathildaK84).

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