Anthony Ejefoh (@ijobacypher)


Today we are talking about a young entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a brand influencer whose name is Anthony Ejefoh is also known as Ijoba Cypher. He has a vision of practicing something new and innovative that makes his entrepreneurial skills unique and extraordinary. Ijoba Cypher is personally a man of rules. He has set certain rules for himself and lives his life accordingly. His code of life has helped him a lot to become a hardworking and successful entrepreneur. He has deep knowledge about the bitcoin (BTC) network and he has the skills to make considerable profit in this area.

He has completed his schooling from the Christ Comprehensive High School. To accomplish his higher studies he went to the Excel College. Since his childhood, he believed in hardworking and therefore he successfully explored his hidden skills and focused to improve them to perfection.

Ijoba Cypher has always tried to unveil his success story so that he can influence many of the youngsters who seek for a successful life. He is often seen to upgrade his profiles on various social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He strongly believes that if any one person who is thriving in his capacity starts to motivate others, there would be a world full of achievements and acknowledgment. He expressed his view about life in a way that “In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life: It goes on”.

Ijoba Cypher has more than 8,400 followers on his Instagram page (@ijobacypher) and he has more than 4,000 friends on the Facebook page. He has a great circle of friends and fan followers. With the help of his profile on the social media, Ijoba Cypher is capable to reach out as many followers as he can. He is known to many peoples because of his motivational speeches and creative entrepreneurial skills. His thoughts and beliefs about humanity make him different from other entrepreneurs. Apart from being a professional, he is a fun-loving person. He manages his time so well that he can get the most out of his life. He has never pushed himself in becoming only a workaholic but he has always given equal importance to all of the aspects of life. Being a family man he takes out quality time for his family and an entrepreneur who knows how to make money.

In the leisure time, Ijoba Cypher gets engaged in the activities that are included in his hobbies. One of his favourite hobbies that he never ignores is photography. From capturing a serene view of nature or any happening from his routine, Ijoba Cypher loves to take as many pictures as he can. His fun-loving lively nature has also derived him to become a brand influencer on the social media as well. Just like any other brand influencer on the social media, Ijoba Cypher delivers a detailed product review to his followers which turn out to be really helpful for his fans to adopt his lifestyle and his sense of fashion and style.

Ijoba Cypher is versatile and multi-dimensional. He is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a brand influencer. He is a great example of living a life at its fullest.


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