Dean Thompson (@lord_of_finance_ )


Dean Thompson is a published author, a talented public speaker, and influencer, a trusted financial advisor, a professional and popular athlete, and a recognized philanthropist from the USA with Jamaican ancestry. He is the real genius, working in different fields and businesses but with a single motive to live happy, contented, peaceful, and cooperative, true to his career and selfless to help the people that need support.

The secret of Thompson’s success is his faith in his profession; he works for the good cause, he prefers to thinks for the good of his clients rather than to plan for self monetary gains. This is surely the mean that makes him a truly public figure, this gives a public attestation to his speeches while he speaks in public, in seminars which he arranges for free, to the bankers whom he trains and his customers with whom he deals.  His sincerity multiplies the number of his clients and widens the circle of his friends and followers.

A home to live in peace and handsome money to content you after retirement can be the motive of each working person everywhere in the world but that’s very necessary for individualized life in the USA. But it’s a hard reality that all don’t know how to buy a home and to plan for savings in old-age estimations. So that is the real service to help such people and that is the motive of Dean Thompson. His financial advice, convincing seminars, advisory talks to clients in the mortgage operations and the banking sector are in true sense is a great business and high valued philanthropic deeds which he inherited from his father Noel.


Smile enriches the brain enabling for great jobs to serve humanity. This is known to Dean Thompson in the best way. His smiley face, bright eyes and thoughtful vision prove him the successful man who not lives for himself but to make his friends and all the humanity happy and smiling. His life history is the real reflection of the quote “you must bless others in order to be blessed”. His business and the way he is taking it to the top of its standards is a replication of the rules that your blessed clients are the best promoters of your business.  His selfless services are thus the key to his success.


Dean Thompson’s book “The First Time Homebuyers Handbook: A Guide For Making The Home Buying Process Easy” is no doubt, the easy pathway to learn, manage, plan and practice to buy your own home in accordance with your convenience.  This is helpful because this is encryption of Dean Thompson’s lifelong experience in the field of real-estate.

He also has useful expertise in banking after he worked as the Assistant Vice President of mortgage operations for Bank Atlantic before it was acquired in 2012 by BB&T Company. From Jamaica, Thomson ventured to the USA in 1992, he started his mortgage career in 2003 then after he got great achievements in many fields of business and lifestyles. He is at the time, the owns the ladies’ fashion boutique selling its products on Instagram (@cocofashionlounge).


Besides his businesses, Dean Thompson cares about his body well; he knows the importance of a healthy and strong body. As he is a professional athlete, he maintains his muscles and fitness in the best way.

Dean Thompson’s lifestyle and personality are a live example of a  successful entrepreneur. He is a strong motivational source for the people who want to be victorious like him. The great quality of Dean Thompson’s personality is his willingness to help and support the people who need it, so find him on social media platforms like Instagram (@lord_of_finance_).

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