Miranda Celis (@miranda.celis)


The fashion industry is everblooming and very glamorous but this industry always requires something new and the most positive thing about this industry is that the trends change very rapidly. Be it the attires or makeovers, the fashion industry always hunts for new trends to keep the spark of this industry as demanding as it is since the start. Similarly, this industry welcomes the new talented models who play their part in keeping the attraction of this industry always up to the mark. Miranda Celis is also one of the fresher in the fashion industry. She is all set up to flaunt her beauty and talent in the modeling. With her firm believes and passionate personality, Miranda Celis has been seeking a strong position in the fashion industry and therefore she is always keenly interested in enhancing her talent on a continuous basis.

The new face of Miranda Celis is not only a treasure of beauty and innocence but her talented and hardworking personality is one of the finest qualities that is extremely needed and highly appreciated in the world of the fashion industry. At the time of choosing her career, Miranda Celis never thought of becoming a model as she never had any obsession with the fashion industry or have never tried to attempt any chance. With just a little time, Miranda realized the charm and charismatic nature of the fashion industry and started to wonder about giving a try to become a model. The first thought about joining the fashion industry came in her mind after watching her brother’s friend become a part of the fashion industry. Miranda Celis soon started to send her portfolio to the multiple modeling agencies across Mexico. She was lucky enough to start her career in the fashion industry by modeling for the worldwide renowned companies. Her first ever project includes the worldwide campaign of coke that was directed by Alma Har’el who is a very famous Israeli American music video and film director. After her first project of coke campaign with just no time, Miranda Celis worked for some other campaigns by some of the worldwide famous apparel and footwear brands such as H&M (Hennes and Mauritz) and also C&A (Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer). Miranda’s talent was well recognized by the biggest brands all over the world and she was offered to work for the famous electronic company Samsung as well. She is currently working as a brand ambassador of Aeropostale in the AEROWORLD. 

One can see her portfolio on (http://cargocollective.com/orangemarketing/MIRANDA-CELIS). Few beautiful pictures of Miranda Celis are given here.

The most important thing that Miranda Celis have ever learned during her modeling career is that one should never compare own qualities and personality traits with any other because every person is unique in their own capacity and hence to become successful and happy at the same time one must focus on the qualities and ignore the weakest points.

With a couple of years of her experience in the fashion industry as a model, Miranda Celis plans to continue her work in the industry by not only working as a model but also as an inspiration to all the upcoming models who are uncertain about their career in this industry due to lack of knowledge. Miranda has a positive message for the new models and she believes that having contact with those who are already working in this industry proves to be extremely helpful in giving a push start to one’s career in the world of modeling. Hence she is always available to convey a motivational gesture to those who do not have any connection with anyone belonging to the fashion industry.

Miranda Celi’s beauty, elegance, attraction, and unique style have attracted many followers on social media. She is a rising star and also a source of inspiration for many young models. One can visit or follow her on Instagram (instagram.com/miranda.celis).

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