Michael Bond (@bondpapi)


Today, we are talking about one of the active and healthy athletics from South Africa, Durban, who always encourages, instructs and leads people in exercise activities, and gained eminence in the territory of fitness with his persistent struggles. Certainly, we are talking about Michael Bond, he is also widely known as Bond Papi.

Michael Bond was born in South Africa and belongs to the ethnic group of South Africa, Zulu. His height is 6 feet and 4 inches, and weight is 230 lbs. He went to the University Of British Columbia (UBC) where he did his B.com specialization in Marketing. He substantially works in financial investment, and most of the time spent in Canada, Uganda, Singapore, England, South Africa, Malaysia, and Brazil.


Michael Bond is a majestic personality and a magnificent trainer that delights many people by its fitness and this is the reason that he has a huge fan following on Instagram with more than 117k followers. He is very active on social media and used to share his photos and update on Instagram (@bondpapi). His fan following is increasing day by day because of his attractive body and wonderful personality.

Michael Bond is among those people who do not run away from the challenges but face them courageously. He authenticated it when he was severely injured while playing a sport, despite dislocating tail bone and slipping discs, he did not lose his hope and stay optimist with his ambition. After 18 months of a long treatment, he started off his ardent journey toward his brawny body, and after 5 years of strives and hard work; he reached his fitness destination and turned his skinny frame to a well-built body.

Michael Bond always seeks opportunities to show his enthusiasm for physical culture. In 2017, he participated in a bodybuilding competition of Canada, Vancouver Fitness Pro, and it was his first-ever competition where he secured 3 categories out of 5. He gives the credit of it to a person namely Sarah for the journey of his first-ever competition who supported him and coached him for 3 months before the competition.

Besides Michael’s fervor for stamina, he also has enormous endearment for dogs. In an interview, he expressed his affection for dogs in these words, “I love dogs very much, and my life without them is incomplete”.

After his illustrious popularity, Michael Bond was begun to be featured in a famous tie company, HEX TIE, and along with that he also set about to be featured in one of the men’s outfits enterprise too. Moreover, Michael Bond is the ambassador of the gym outfit and footwear website, www.vxsgymwear.co.uk, with his VXS code, is MBOND10.  This shopping website is not only for men but also for women. If you are a gym enthusiast, and looking for a perfect gym outfit and footwear of your choice, then you are just one click away, you can visit the website.

Michael Bond is one of the brightest stars of fitness who assists people to overcome their diffidence and made them cognized about their bodies and muscles through several campaigns. He always enlightens his fans and colleagues that “balance diet, enough rest and enough exercise are the factors of a healthy body”. Michael Bond is such a valorous personality who kept his eyes on his desires during his hardships; climbed the mountain of success, and became an exemplary inspiration for all.

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