Hiro Landazuri (@actionhiro)


Hiro Landazuri is a young yoga instructor, who resides in Los Angeles, United States. He has been practicing the art of yoga for around 20 years. He started off by learning different types of asana practices. However, he was not always involved in Yoga. Hiro studied Biochemistry at California State University (Los Angeles). He also studied Cardiopulmonary Perfusion & Medical Pharmacology in graduate school at the University of Arizona – School of Medicine. Soon, he realized that he was not made for pursuing a career in medicine. His potential was designed for something more spiritual. He became more interested in yoga when he was working with heart and kidney transplant surgeries. Hiro had the opportunity to learn more about the human body. Although he has left the path of medicine to devote his time and energy to Yoga, the knowledge and expertise of human anatomy help him in his current career.

Hiro was always initially quite athletic and was engaged in running. His father advised him to perform yoga as it would help with his condition of plantar fasciitis. (This condition causes inflammation of the ligament in the heel). After acting upon his father’s advice, Hiro found himself immersed in his love for yoga. He loved all aspects of yoga. He was intrigued by how challenging yoga can be and how it also reduced stress and anxiety.

Here are the few poses of Hiro while doing Yoga;

Hiro started teaching yoga in 2007. He applied to numerous jobs but had no luck. He thought that he would be able to secure a job offer as he had published reading on organic chemistry, but he could not even get a common job such as a barista. Fortunately, a manager at the University gym offered Hiro a job to teach yoga. Hiro believes that if it was not for the need to take up the job, he would be hesitant to step into teaching yoga.


Hiro has made his aim to help people understand how to have a healthier, stronger, more mobile and coordinated bodies and practice. He is doing so by traveling to a lot of places so to spread his knowledge far and wide. Hiro is planning to travel to Austria, Amsterdam, Scotland, and London this year. He has not limited himself to European countries. In the past, he has held events in Bangkok, Manila, Tokyo, Vietnam, Singapore, and many more cities. Other than his travels, Hiro also offers online classes. His classes are available at alomoves.com.

It is scientifically proven that Yoga can help reduce mental stress and increase physical practice. Hiro has the first-hand experience in this. Initially, he started noticing a change in his outlook and mental state for the better. Recently, he came upon the realization that physical practice has a huge impact on his personal life. Hiro applied yoga in his daily life and by doing so he has been practicing sympathy and presence.


Hiro was featured in an article on the online blog website “Momo in Motion” on 9 March 2019. The author described her experience in Hiro’s class and unique and extremely helpful. She cited that Hiro’s understanding of the human body could be seen with his yoga moves. He worked the class’s way from the foundations and worked their way up to the harder poses. Momo recalls that Hiro was very helpful and inviting.

Hiro is very interactive with his fans on social media. He is very active on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram feed is full of helpful workout videos, yoga poses, and tutorials. He has also updated his YouTube channel with helpful yoga videos and fitness tips. His YouTube channel with the name (Hiro Landazuri) has 3.78K Subscribers. His Instagram page (@actionhiro), on the other hand, has over 223K followers. His fan following is increasing day in and day out because of his wonderful contribution to society by performing a healthy activity of yoga and sharing the videos and updates on various platforms of social media. Many people around the Globe follow him and get the inspiration and Yoga tips from Hiro.

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