Chris Chew (@chrischew)


With the ease of accessibility, theatric exhibitions evolved and shifted to the modern film industry. From fiction writing to motion pictures, all it requires a higher level of determination to create a breathtaking production. The early idea in the shape of story to screenwriting, casting, and shooting all accumulated to create a great combination of a masterpiece project of film exhibition. There is always a successful filmmaker behind a successful exhibition. Today, we have a great opportunity to talk about a very young, devoted and successful filmmaker, a photographer, and a digital content creator, Chris Chew. The 19 years old photographer and filmmaker Chris Chew is basically located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, the integration of professional skills along with passion has taken the young talent to showcase his mesmerizing projects in various famous film industries around the globe. Chris Chew can be found sparking his skills in many beautiful places in the World. The level of determination blended with professional skills spread the beautiful photo and video shoots around the globe. Today, Chris Chew is famous and well-known for producing high notch projects at a very young age of 19.


Due to his remarkable milestone projects, Chris Chew proved that age is just a matter of numbers. Chris is a personality whose notable experience is higher than the age count. Since his early age of 17, Chris accelerated his passion for photography by getting inspired by local as well as international photographers. The 17-year-old Chris Chew started his career from scratch by learning to capture the aesthetic moments by simply watching YouTube videos. Soon after getting appreciated by the local community, at an initial level Chris started uploading breathtaking portrait photos on his Instagram account. However, the combination of various sorts of remarkable photographs like drone shoots, film shoots, and video shoots can be found on his Instagram account ( His professional skills combined with unique marketing strategies can be found with his shimmering shoots of musical concerts, behind the screenshots. His unique style and creative approach are liked and loved by many peoples that is why he has more than 17K followers on his Instagram account. His fan following is increasing day by day because of his active presence on social media and he loves to share his photoshoots on social media.


Besides working successfully as a filmmaker and photographer, Chris Chew has a passion for traveling as well. The very young rising photographer Chris has also captured the heart of people around the globe through his breathtaking traveling photoshoots, and video shoots. Creativity, passion along with professional skills are appreciated not only by various famous artists, but Chris is also spreading the beauty of marketing strategies for well-known brands worldwide. Along with that Chris Chew has a heart beating for the music industry as well. Chris has nourished his talent towards remarkable musical performances on various parties, events, and vlogs. Furthermore, his love for music can be seen on his official YouTube Channel  ( He has more than 4.75K subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

Chris Chew is a name associated with a wide range of professional skills full-time filmmaker, a photographer, and a digital content creator. He is a creative, versatile and multi-tasking personality. He is a great source of inspiration for many young photographers. He is famous not only for his local market, but he has captured the heart of many peoples around the globe with his creative photographic skills. He knows how to align his professional photographic skills with his unique marketing tools to integrate with the diversity of peoples. One can see the gallery of beautiful photographs of Chris Chew by visiting on his Facebook account  (, Twitter (, and Instagram (

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