Tyler Gil (@fangbladee)


Tyler Gil is a growing name in the music industry, a talented artist and a public influencer from Israel. A young, energetic, trained, trending, enthusiastic, and restless soul is the general ingredients that lift up an artistic genius to the top of the music world. And the lifestyle and personality of Tyler Gil who is professionally known as “fangbladee” is a true reflection of all these qualities and so that wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Tyler Gil is an artist by nature and by instinct. He is 22, born on October 27, 1998, in Israel. He lives in Merhabyah, Hazafon, Israel.

Tyler Gil can be met on all social media platforms, on music distribution networks, and on streaming platforms by his professional Identity as “FangBladee”. His lifestyle, his songs, singles, maxes, and other updates can be enjoyed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,  Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, Tidal, and Amazon Music. His motive is very interesting and everlasting as he is willing to spread love and surely he gets love as that is proved by his social media accounts with so many loving followers.


Tyler Gil’s personality is multidimensional and perfect in each of its colors.  His artists like Blinding Nights, Numb the Pain, Changes, and Call in Your Name are the masterpieces of music. Their lyrics, rhymes, and rhythms are not only moving and amusing but also mastering the skills of the profession. His passion to get the feedback is really replicating his love for his profession and career. One can enjoy his track Blinding Nights on  “https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/fangbladee/blinding-nights. He has captivated the hearts of many music lovers with his wonderful tracks. Tyler Gil’s love for nature and natural beauties is instinctive and that’s prettily enhancing his capabilities in his profession as a music artist. His slogan in this respect is meaningful where he proclaims in these words, “I was born to do exactly, what I’m doing today”.


He is a true Moon Boy in this sense and his 16.9k followers on Instagram is an attestation to his popularity. The secret of Tyler Gil’s success as an artist and as a public figure is his sincerity and purity in his thoughts and acts. He is true as his heart and soul. His love for humanity is no less than his love for himself. He knows the ways to care for his body, his athletic muscular slim but strong body indicates his perfect vision about health. His fan following is increasing day in and day out because of his unique and distinctive style. He used to share his photos and updates with his friends, fellows, and followers on social media.

Tyler Gil’s lifestyle is a socialite and so he loves the gorgeous gatherings of his friends and also with his followers and in general with the entire sphere of music lovers all around the world. In this context, Tyler Gil can be observed on his active presence on social media platforms. Tyler Gil is an interesting personality that suits his profession as a music artist and he will be the best and topper of the career because he is the true reflection of a natural artist.

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