Garri Tigranyan (@garri_tigranyan)


An entrepreneur by profession and a risk-taker by passion, Garri Tigranyan is a real estate company owner named CashNvestors. The keen interest and well management by Garri Tigranyan helped him to make his company amongst the successful ones. One of the main reasons behind the success of  CashNvestors Company is that it offers its clients to sell any houses regardless of what condition the houses possess or how old it is. The company does not only works professionally that cares just about the trading of houses but it actually helps the clients who are most of the time facing many hurdles in selling their homes for various reasons. CashNvestors Company makes sure that the clients must certainly enjoy the trading of their house at the time of their need and do not waste time in finding a real estate company.


One of the prime goals of the CashNvestors from the very start was to create an environment that is earnest and honest without any hidden or even visible costs or fees to home sellers. CashNvestors enjoy buying “fixer-upper” properties, fixing them up and selling them to families and blessing them with a home they can raise a family in. CashNvestors not only invest in real estate but they also contribute to the communities. Their goal is to invest in schools, homeless programs, churches, children’s organizations, veteran’s programs and many other sources of philanthropy. They are donating their profits to non-profit organizations such as ARDA (Armenian Relief and Development Association), Young Life, Yaffa Cultural Arts, Inc, and Youth City Media.

Garri Tigranyan is an entrepreneur who thinks beyond the motives of the business and focuses on the convenience of the clients as well. He is a future-oriented person who believes in learning from past experiences and improving the decisions of the future accordingly. He shares his photos, updates and informative videos on his Instagram page (garri_tigranyan), one can visit the page to gain the experience from his successful life. He has more than 94K followers on his Instagram page. He always stays balanced and consistent both in personal and professional life. These qualities have helped him get through the challenges that he faced in establishing his own real estate company and bring it to a position where it is renowned for its success and fast and trusted services.

With years of experience and knowledge, Garri Tigranyan has come a long way in the world of the real estate industry. He has been working in the area of Southern California for many years. His real estate company CashNvestors has successfully purchased various kinds of houses in Southern California so far. By this time, CashNvestors company has been operating locally only but does expect to grow around the vicinity as well. Garri Tigranyan founded CashNvestors Company in the year of 2014 with the aim of helping his clients to get out of their housing situation so that they can live at a house that meets their needs and wants. The most unique quality of CashNvestors Company that makes it different from other real estate companies is that it offers the payment of the houses in cash right away on the same day of the deal which helps the clients to invest the payment instantly in any need that they intend to. Hundreds of houses have been sold to CashNvestors Company in California by now.

If you are looking to sell your house to the most trusted company, CashNvestors is ready to buy your house now. CashNvestors buy houses throughout California. For detail one can visit their website

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