Pastor LeAundrae Bumpus (@pastorbumpus)


Pastor Le’Aundrae Bumpus is an impressive fifth-generation preacher, a distinctive writer, a popular public figure, a profound leader and a devotee to Jesus Christ from Decatur, Alabama, USA. He is the religious leader of the young generation, feeling great concern about the eternal comfort of the masses around the world. He is a successful entrepreneur who knows the day trend in depth.

His purpose is to infuse God’s love into the hearts of men and into their lives. His aim is highly motivated by the celestial powers and so is the impact of his prophetic voice. The unique feature of Pastor Le’Aundrae Bumpus’s preaching is his commitment to the faith. His success in his mission is due to his true way of presentation which is not only relevant and contemporary but also loving and deep-hearted. The depth in Pastor Le’Aundrae Bumpus’s thoughts and the enormous impacts of his preaching is all due to his profound vision and great knowledge of religion. He is in true sense the disciple of great Jesus and devoted servant of God.


Pastor Le’Aundrae Bumpus has continued to lead masses to the feet of Jesus as a result of his obedience to God. He is the founder of Saving Station International Ministries located in Tupelo, MS along with its newly added site in Decatur, AL. Pastor Bumpus is the author of the book entitled  “Confessions of a Young Pastor.” His achievement is replicated by Amazon’s sale record which places his book “Confessions of a Young Pastor” in the best seller category. This splendid success is due to his purity in thoughts, clarity in tone, honesty in actions, and sincerity in relations to God and to the masses, endless enthusiasm for goodness to be spread and to convey its benefits to humanity. All these and many more qualities of Pastor Le’Aundrae Bumpus’s personality and lifestyle are guarantying the triumph of his mission. In 2016, Pastor Le’Aundrae Bumpus has begun a worldwide movement entitled “The War Room Unplugged.” Its objective is to extend a common ground for intercessors to receive spiritual insight and to be roused to the mantle of prayer.


In 2005, he met the love of his life. He and Lady Casey Bumpus became acquainted and were later married in a private ceremony in March of 2007. Pastor Le’Aundrae Bumpus’s love for his wife lady Casey Bumpus and for his kids London, Alizah and Alaia Grace is impressive. The family love and the magnetic coherence in it is a reflection of the perfect faith of Pastor Le’Aundrae Bumpus. Pastor Bumpus intends to do many radical things not only citywide but throughout the world. His goal is to inspire life and God’s love into the hearts of men. Together, Pastor Bumpus & Lady Casey are blessed with a caring and compassionate spirit that touches lives locally and far beyond. It is evident that his passion is to introduce the presence of God where people just like you can have a life-changing experience with him.

It’s ancestry for Pastor Le’Aundrae Bumpus to be a preacher as he was born in a preacher’s family but at current, religion, and preaching is his mission by choice. His prayers, preaching, lectures, and writings are the great sources of knowledge and celestial satisfaction. One can listen to them, read them and participate in his gatherings to get complete peace and pleasure in his or her soul and heart. He is available on all social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon and on his own website ( His soul is full of love and adoration, and he is willing to share the blessings with all around the Globe. His love for the universe, for his family, for his friends and in general for the whole world is the secret of his great personality.

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