Luis De Mark (@luisdemark)


Music is the real consolation of heart and soul but if one hears it in the thrilling and impressive way of Luis De Mark, the joys are fortified because he knows the mechanism of music and the sensational impacts of the lyrics. Luis De Mark is a talented producer, popular music artist and DJ from Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. His music can be found on the most popular music distribution platforms like Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and many more.

Luis De Mark is a well-known name and you can see him live in the clubs. At the beginning of his musical career, Dj-ing was only a hobby, but now he is at his full-time job. Luis De Mark selection is focused on music genres such as Progressive House, House, Electro and EDM, but also his favorite R&B and last but not least his own productions. DJ Luis De Mark got on the stages of world disco clubs, DJ Luis De Mark from Banská Bystrica by his own name Lukáš Vávra is currently one of the top Slovak DJ. His work and representation of his hometown have a much more widespread scope and you can meet him on the stages of world clubs in Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic or one of the most famous party destinations – Zrče. One can hear Luis De Mark’s in Banská Bystrica Ministry of Fun, Prague Epic Club, Prešov Encore the Club and Zrče in Rocks Beach Club.


Luis De Mark understands the chemistry of winning the hearts of his fans. The huge gathering in jubilant formation before him on the stage affirms his command on his profession. He loves and he is being loved which is the greatest achievement in life that Luis De Mark enjoys in full. He deserves it because he loves his profession and his heart is full of adorations for nature and natural beauties which are reflected in his performance as well as in his posts on social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many more. The most interesting feature of Luis Mark’s lifestyle is his wandering soul, his love for visiting the different places and sensing different tastes of life and lifestyles is complementary for his professional vision.


Another amazing aspect of Luis Mark’s nature is his love for his car that runs fast with no interest in direction. He likes speed while driving and that is the unique feature of his personality which reflects the moving energy in his veins and muscles. This is also a replication of his enthusiasm that fits him well in the lively profession of music. He describes this in one of his posts on Instagram in these words, “I love driving a car”. He is not only driving his car but also driving the music as DJ and Music Producer in a very skillful manner that makes him distinct in his field.


Luis Mark’s lifestyle is a socialite and he likes the jubilant company of his friends. He knows the real meaning of life, he understands the ways to be happy and to make others happier. So that he enjoys his life in full. He conveys the messages also in his music to share happy moments and make the world a happy place for all human beings. He is a master of his own will. His approach is realistic and he sees the world in that perfection.

Luis Mark’s vision is like the widespread ocean from where he gets inspirations for the depth of his professional productions. Luis De Mark plans to work intensively on the release of other singles, negotiate new collaborations with Slovak and world clubs, educate and develop his talent, and continue to disseminate positive energy and happiness to people through his music.

Luis Mark’s life and career are really a motivation for the young generation. He is in a real sense a public figure, a profound leader, a skilled music producer, a talented music artist, a loyal and loving friend, and a willing coordinator. He has a great fan following on various platforms of social media. He has 27.2K followers on Instagram. One can also follow him on Instagram (, Youtube channel  (, Twitter ( and SoundCloud (

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