V8 Classic Trucks Garage (@v8ct)


An exceptional company in Spain is the name of reliability and loyalty; it reckons on customers’ preferences and encounters with their excellence and demands. Yes, it is an independent and illuminated automobile company in the name of V8 Classic Trucks. It is located in Carrer De Joaquim Blume, 19, 08205 Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain.

V8 Classic Trucks are dedicated to the Import and Restoration of American vehicles. Among their services, they have a specific workshop for vehicles from the United States and a spare parts store in order to provide spare parts and improvements to all their customers. V8 Garage knows that having an American car can be a bit complicated, due to the deficiency of dealers and workshops, so it is our main purpose to help all owners of this type of vehicle. V8 Classic Truck is the sovereign company of importing American cars in Spain which provides the relish of used classic cars and trucks of American’s famed automobiles like Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Mustang, and Cadillac to its automotive enthusiasts. Conserving the essence of the 50s, 60s and 70s models of American cars is the most valuable asset and spirit of V8 classic Truck that makes it a distinctive company. They restore and customize all types of 19’s models’ automobiles in its indigenous condition and bestow the greatest rides all the time to their consumers.

Similarly, V8 Classic Trucks significantly accentuates on the performance and thrill of driving, and for the reason, the conspicuous reforms in horsepower and wheels are one of the leading purposes of their modification project.

Having an imported car is a miniature complex due to undersupply of its spare parts, but V8 Classic Trucks sorts out this issue with its consistent intents to deliver supremacy services and enormous focus on the customers’ contentment, and therefore, it is a renowned and eminent conglomerate in importing all the components of American Classic Trucks vehicles which customers can obtain them from its spare parts store.

V8 Classic Trucks is at the peak of an enchanting dealership that is not just a saying, but the customer’s opinions are corroborating it, and those are attainable on google’s review section where a customer acclaimed V8 Classic Trucks’ dealership in these expressions, “tremendous American car dealership their advice and treatment by qualified staff was nice. I recommend you 100% if you want a good American beast car, then you have no better spot other than V8 Classics Trucks”. In the same way, another satiate Mustang customer who experienced amiable assistance of V8 classic Trucks enunciates it as “Very attentive staff, and substantial treatment with their clients is admirable. Its careful work of mechanics is very impressive, and there is no finer place than it to acquire the gratification of American cars”.

The supremacy of ministrations; quality of products, preeminence service, instant repair center and the geniality of staff all these calibers and standards you will witness here in V8 Classic Trucks.

You can further explore and find out more about V8 Classic trucks on its youtube channel (V8 Classic trucks), and also on their TV show, Garage TV where you can watch their projects of restoration in their garage. Moreover, you can also visit its Facebook page (facebook.com/pg/V8ClassicTruck) and the Instagram page (@v8ct)  to have the pleasure of magnificent V8 classy automotive pictures.

If you are really an automotive enthusiast of American classic cars and trucks, and one of them has in your range of choice, then V8 Classic Trucks is one of the finest spots to go.  So, don’t wait too long, you might miss a paramount chance of your life hurry up! And book your own exquisite beast car. You can also visit the website (v8classictrucks.com) where you can choose the limit of your budget; reserve your car and become the owner of your own. Moreover, if you own an American Classic automobile and want some sort of modification in it or your vehicle needs some kind of restoration, then the V8 Classic Truck workshop service is also a supreme way out for you.

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