The Two Lions Band (vintage_lion)


It is said that everyone has two lions residing in our souls. They are born into troubles and hardships. It is our responsibility and will work out their problems. One of the lions represents all that is positive, it is the embodiment of goodwill, courage, happiness, tranquility, modesty, compassion, cherishing, empathy, trust and faith. The second lion, on the other hand, is the embodiment of all that is evil in the world. It represents wrath, envy, self-doubt, unfaithfulness, and loathness. It is up to us to choose which lion to feed, which lion to cater to. These lions gain strength in accordance with our actions. By performing good deeds, we can feed the first lion and be a better person. On the contrary, we can perform bad deeds and feed the second lion, who will, in turn, lead us to become evil and unhappy.


The band “Two Lions” was created on the base of this concept. Two lions band is unique which was created to showcase the musical talent of Mitchel Slade aka Vintage Lion. Apart from Mitchel Slade, Ashley Holmberg is the skilled viola player. Moreover, Gretchen is magical with the cello and Lance Harrington is gifted with the ability to pour his soul out when playing the drums. Together they unite as the band “Two Lions”. Vintage Lion has been performing his musical works with his latest band ‘Two Lions’, for the last 4 years. Within that time they had bolstered a following within the United States and abroad. They are on their 12th Pacific Northwest tour this year and their 2nd European tour. They have been asked to headline the world-famous Cobh Regatta in Ireland. The Cobh Plaza hosts the famous ‘last sailing of the Titanic’.

The band debuted with their album “Like Fire in the Rain”. This album was classified as “Folk” in Apple Music. This album was released on 1 October 2017 by Black Sheep Revival Records. The album was titled after its most famous song. The song, “Like Fire in the Rain” had it’s Special Edition single released at the end of March of 2018 due to its fame. Like this song, Two Lions also released a Special Edition single for its song “I Know I’m not mistaken”. The genre for both these songs was a rock. After their success with their debut album and singles, Two Lions released “I Wanna Love You”, which was single, on Valentine’s Day of 2019. The song had a country element to it and could be classified as easy listening.

In early March of 2019, Two Lions released their first Extended Play, Fusion. This Extended Play consisted of three songs. All three of these songs could be considered easy listening. These songs have a perfect blend of instruments and a dreamy voice, which is very well-liked by the masses. Two Lions’ talent has not gone unnoticed. In 2018, they were awarded the award for “Best Rock” by Norbays. Two Lions are very active in performances. Two Lions recently performed for Saint Patrick’s Day in Geyserville. Their presence was described as “fuelling the atmosphere” by The Press Democrat.

The members of Two Lions are all very talented. Mitchel Slade who pairs his dreamy voice with the instruments also plays the guitar. Mitchel began taking an interest in music after his lessons for piano in sixth grade. After keeping his feet, his drive caused him to let the music be his form of expression of his experiences and life. He is greatly inspired by a range of genres such as 80’s punk to bluegrass. He looks up to Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Beck, Cohen, and countless poets, leaders, friends, and family. The talented violist, Ashley Holmberg, also has an interesting story. She gives a new edge to all the melodies she works on. She has a way with music which has even led her to work in four different continents: North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. The gifted Drummer, Lance Harrington, has been playing the drums for over 24 years. He has performed as a session musician and has performed at renowned venues such as Oakland Alameda Coliseum, Northern Nights Music Festival, Slims, The Viper Room, House of Blues Hollywood and Xfinity Live. Gretchen Yanover is an exceptional cellist in their band. Her way with music is deep and impacting. She has been playing the cello since the tender age of ten. Her love for the instrument has only increased since then. By combing all the talented individuals and their talents together, Two Lions were formed.

One can visit or follow them on their Instagram page (@vintage_lion), Youtube Channel (Two Lions), Facebook page (Two Lions) and their website (

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