Krishnatre Siddhartha Sharma


An engineer by profession, Krishnatre Siddhartha Sharma has achieved his engineering degree majoring in the field of a control system. Belonging from India, Krishnatre Sharma has attained a professional knowledge in CBRNE Robot in the year of 2015 that he accomplished from the UEM Spain as certified robotics with global honors. Krishnatre never stopped learning about new professions other than his field and soon his interests were fetched towards the financial technologies after he attended an introductory course on artificial intelligence. His interests in the diverse fields of education made him get enrolled in dual masters. Siddhartha Sharma is now waiting to complete his masters as an MA in Economics and the MS in financial markets from the School of Social Sciences and World Quant University, Louisiana correspondingly.

The 26-year-old Krishnatre Siddhartha Sharma is a chartered engineer, a finance professional who also works at the intersection of innovation and management and entrepreneurial finance and works as a financial consultant in his home country India. Apart from his professional skills, he loves to design the adaptive soundscape that is subscribed by Spotify users who are up to fifty thousand in number. Krishnatre Siddhartha Sharma has also successfully founded his very own company that is named as CredFIC. The company was established in the year of 2017 and deals with the transaction intelligence and financial analytics (TIFA). The company has been working backed on a total worth of 150 US dollars. Since its establishment, the company has been expanded to the UK and US during these three years. The most important achievement of Krishnatre Sharma is that his company has been awarded as the near 12 % Alpha Generation from the best Indian fund houses for three consecutive years since its start.

Being a workaholic, Krishnatre Siddhartha Sharma has been keenly interested in spending his leisure time in some productive areas. Besides managing his job and his private financial institute so well and in a well-balanced way, Krishnatre spends the remaining time in either reading some quality books or playing chess with having generative music playing in the background. He has also been writing some research work related to his field and his studies. Recently, he has co-authored a chapter for Springer’s Theories of Change. His co-authors of the published chapter include Karen Wendt and Ulrike Glatz. Krishnatre Siddhartha Sharma is also a philanthropist. He admires and deeply acknowledges the efforts of American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

With great devotion and efforts, Krishnatre manages his NGO in an organized way. He spends up to 15 % of his quality time with the organization and spends around 1 % of his personal profit to the welfare and establishment of his NGO. His non-profit organization pays attention to the advancing scientific temperament and helps to foster a culture of innovation in schools of his hometown Guwahati and therefore his non-profit organization or program is named as Guwahati Initiative.

Krishnatre Sharma has been emphasizing the concept of gender equality. He promotes gender equality particularly at the workplace and highlights the fact that due to gender inequality there could be a chance of decreased productive outcome, therefore, gender discrimination must be eliminated in the corporate society especially in the fields of the finance industry.  Siddhartha Sharma is a really hard-working youngster who is an inspiration to many youngsters who assume that being multi-tasking is a difficult job but the way Krishnatre Sharma has been managing all his productive activities and that too along with his studies is a guideline and a great inspiration to many. By consistently performing his entire tasks in a managed way, Krishnatre Siddhartha Sharma proves that if one can know how to manage time, he or she can achieve the best product outcome possible.

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