Sawyer Sharbino


Today we are talking about a 14 years old, a young dynamic actor, content creator,  and Gamer from Los Angeles, California whose name is Sawyer Sharbino. He was born on March 1, 2006, in Texas. He is the son of Ron and Angela Sharbino. He is known for Promesas (2012), Disruption(2012), iZombie (2015) and Sisters (2019). He and his sister Brighton were both casts in the film Miracles from Heaven. He booked a recurring role as Gary in Brat’s StageFright series and meeting with networks about his own show next week.


Sawyer Sharbino is versatile, multidimensional personality and he performs various activities at a very young age.  Sawyer Sharbino has a very successful Youtube channel where he pulls pranks, challenges and film videos with his crush. He has more than 179K subscribers on his youtube channel. He has made videos on “I spend overnight in my crush house and she had no idea 24 hours challenge”, “My best friend flirts with my crush for 24 hours challenge prank gone wrong”, “Last to get caught wins $10000 hide and seek challenge hype house” and “Last to say no to spin the bottle valentines day kiss challenge @ Piper Rockelle”. His videos have been seen by millions of viewers and its number is increasing day by day. He is going on tour with Piper Rockelle this weekend and visiting 6 cities.

He has also made the wonder video while playing the video game. One can see his videos of  “Mine Craft GamePlay Eggwars”, “bloons monkey city Epic attack BTD Battles”, Bloons TD Battles Tower Defense BTD multiplayer online game and btd battles for beginners Tutorial How to Play. He has produced a variety of videos with his friends that is liked and loved by many peoples. He has made entertaining videos. His videos are creative, unique and so original that is why millions of viewers like and love them. His mesmerizing videos and content captivated the hearts of many peoples around the Globe.

Besides his professional work, he is very socialite and spends his time with friends. One can predict from his photographs and video on Youtube that he is a fun-loving and Joyous nature. He loves to meet and interact with different personalities of the World. He is very active and shares his photographs and updates on social media. He has a great fan following on various platforms of social media, he has 235K followers on an Instagram account, 1253 followers on Twitter and 143.7K followers on the TikTok. His fan following is increasing day by day on various platforms of social media because of his creative and unique style and representation. He has also released one song and is working on more music. He has earned a name and fame at a very young age.

Sawyer Sharbino is one of Rising Star of a showbiz industry in the world. The actor likes Sawyer Sharbino who knows the value of hard work, teamwork, commitment, and sacrifice. His personality and acting style attract many peoples and his way of performing increases the excitement among the youth. He was named to’s National Bullying Prevention Center Board of Directors for his work in spreading positivity and against bullying. He engages youth in a wonderful way with his creative and unique style. He is not only the source of inspiration for youth but also a role model for them. One can follow him on his Youtube channel with the name of Sawyer Sharbino, Instagram (@sawyersharbino), Facebook (, Twitter ( and on Tik Tok (@sawyersharbino1). 

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