Allwell Ibama Dj-kev (@_djkev_)

dj kev....333

Music is a sort of euphony which helps to break down our bewilderments and sieves our character and sensibilities in the time of care and sorrow. But at exultation’s moments, it also engages to subsist the fountain of joy in us. No matter from which genre does it belong to and myriads of artists’ mellifluous music go in the ears straight to the hearts as it is the language of universality which directly connects with our souls. Today, we are expounding about a sophisticated, consummate, and deft disc jockey (DJ) from Rialto, Los Angeles who forges the sensation of thrill and constrains people to dance on the floor with his enliven performances. He was born on 4th December. He has engrossed the attention of numerous concert-goers and rockers with his sparkling beats. Yes! We are talking about an American based Nigerian DJ, Allwell Ibama who is also eminent with his nickname Dj Kev. Besides that, he is also known as Cali’s finest DJ.

DJ KEVE.....

Dj Kev is a multi-dimensional personality who is not only a DJ but also a record label executive, producer, club host, and radio personality. He has an excessive fervor to promote one of the West African musical styles, Afro-beats. Thus, he engaged himself as a club’s host and DJ tour which were associated with African styles. His mix-tapes related to Afro-beats played a considerable role, and that proved his colossal contribution in elevating this style. He accorded music in a number of shows including a Team Lentini’s Afro-beat concert at The Savoy Entertainment Center, and this is the reason that Afrobeats club is flourishing in the United States by his vigorous endeavors.

DJ Kev comes through in music field with his an extra-ordinary hit which he calls, MAGA, directed by HD Genesis. It is his voguish solo in which he features one of the most recognized African smashers L.A.X, and it has been viewed by more than 2ook watchers on youtube. Along with that it also clenched the tag of latest Naija Nigerian music, song and video. DJ Kev consistently gladdens his fans with his music. This is the reason that he was an entrant of the best DJ in the Next Generation Entertainment Award (NGEA) 2018.

To elate his music lovers, he has recently signed a contract with the 2nd acclaimed Nigerian artist, King Teni Apata, and soon fans will acquire the gratification of his harmonious music with the collaboration of Teni.

Everyone has role models in their lives which influence their actions and propel them to unwrap their true potentials. Likewise, DJ Kev owns pronounced venerations for Peter Lentini, he is the person who always there for Kev, and therefore he gives all his credit of triumphs to him.

DJ Kev has a Soundcloud account with the name of Allwell Ibama Drums where his song On Time has been listened to by innumerable melomaniacs. However, he also spreads the fragrance of his music tremendously from his youtube channel, DJ Kev. He has a video with more than 200,000 views and its number is increasing day by day. Moreover, he has an enormous fan following on Instagram (@ _djkev_) with 21.1k followers.


If you are the greatest fan of DJ Kev and want to procure the gratification of his music in a varied mode, it might be deprivation of the prominent opportunity of your life if you don’t go on his upcoming event, so do not wait for long and book your ticket now on as he is coming in Los Angeles on 18th of April with an assorted style and taste of Africa so must experience it!

DJ Kev is an incomparable and a foremost nobility of the music industry whose execution always the impact of excellence, and focused efforts. He is a fount of ingenuity and artistry who greatly elevated the purview of Afrobeat in the USA, and provides trailblazing relish of music to his fans.


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