Foreign Drake


Foreign Drake is an online content creator. He is a social media influencer who has a dream to entertain his followers and audience. With the hope to make people be more relaxed and have a lighter mood in their daily life, Foreign Drake tries his best to transfer the positivity that is his strength since the very start. The journey of Foreign Drake on social media started when he randomly made a video about his hairstyle. The very basic and simply captured hair tutorial by Foreign Drake grabbed the attention of a number of social media users. The span of time that his first ever video on the social media channel got viral motivated him to become an online content creator. It would not be wrong to say that becoming an online content creator and a You Tuber was not a very hard task for Foreign Drake as he had to convey the intensive positivity and humor to the audience which is already a part of his personality. Although Foreign Drake has always been a jolly and cheerful person once he was involved in social media as a star, he consistently worked hard to retain his followers and his audience and always kept his YouTube channel updated by uploading a variety of quality content each time.

From shooting hair tutorials about the hairstyles that he personally adopts to featuring any famous stream of many superstars, Foreign Drake has uploaded numerous videos on his YouTube channel so far. His basic motive is to highlight the daily life humor and he has been seen to pick anything from his routine and turn it into an amazingly attractive video. Along with featuring the daily life happenings in his videos, Foreign Drake also creates videos relating to travel vlogs. The graphics and broadcasting of the videos made by Foreign Drake are very unique and eye-catching that it attracts more and more audiences itself without any extensive advertising or marketing. Foreign Drake puts his energy and creativity in designing and creating each of his videos by focusing on almost each and every detail which makes his videos exceptional and appealing.

Being a young artist, Foreign Drake has high ambitions and great thoughts about his life and popularity. He has always stayed humbled and appreciated his fans and followers for helping him to become a star on social media. He had been thankful to his mother for always making him feel very special and extremely skillful. His mothers believe and support have made Foreign Drake stay motivated and consistent towards what he does. Additionally, the appreciation of his fans is truly energizing for him to keep his work going.

At a very young age Foreign Drake has achieved his dream yet he feels there is still room for improvement and going farther in his field with more success. He is an inspiration to all young pals out there who feel it very hard to achieve their dreams and mark the grounds in the world of social media. Foreign Drake highlights his journey by quoting his hard work, consistency and a firm belief in his skills due to which he has been a lucky one to become a famous Youtuber by now. Besides spending most of his time creating videos for his fans, Foreign Drake is actively involved in social work too. He not only feed the poor but also helps them during festive and even in their daily life. Foreign Drake unveils the dark times in his life too when all he wanted is to quit being a You Tuber and his presence on social media but he told himself that the power inside of him is stronger than any hurdle that comes along his way. The videos made by foreign Drake worth watching and his humor and entertaining quality is truly inspiring. One can follow him on Instagram (@foreigndrake), Twitter ( and on Youtube (Foreign Drake).


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